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Shoe Be Do fiction
by shevette 10/15/03
Tie Me and Love Me
RopeArt 7/26/03
Val Gets Hot 6/28/03
Girls Will Be Girls 6/2/03
shevette and valkyrie
The Good, the Bad and
the Ugly Jokes
Unsound Method 4/30/03
Waiting 4/28/03
You Gotta Give It Up If You
Wanna Get It Back
by val
Shevette Meets Val 4/23/03
Cherry Cheeks
by valkyrie 4/16/03
Bondage... in Public!? 4/14/03
Meet Valkyrie! 4/8/03
Angelique Tied 2/17/03
Valentines Vows 2/15/03
Jenny Secretary 2/14/03
Shevette's Mail 2/2/03
Shevette Gets Peeved 2/1/03
Shevette's First Times 1/31/03
Pep by shevette 12/17/02
Shevette's Fireside Chat 11/10/02
Shevette's Halloween
Shevette's Halloween
J.B. Roper by shevette 10/6/02
Shevette Interviews J.B. Roper
Shevette Gets Too Much
of a Good Thing
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Shevette's V-Day 2/8/2002
Shevette's Western 1/31/02
The Handcuff Trap 1/22/02
Shevette's Aspect 1/9/02
Shevette Mail 10/26/01
Shevette Mail  9/25/01
First Reactions 9/12/01
Later Thoughts 9/14/01

S&M? Me and a whip
1 The idea, the worries
2 Sir Red's advice
3 Biff and Hx's words
4 More Advice
It hurts! Second demo
1 The idea
2 Rob agrees
3 i get tied
4 Conclusion?
Demonstration One First real-life demo
1 idea intro
2 elaboration
3 into closet - i get tied up
4 from closet to the bed
Sirs Biff, Elo, Dan First three-man show
1 Sir Elo - i get tied up
2 Sir Biff - i get tied up
3 Sir Dan - i get tied up
4 Conversation
4 promise of return - i get Rex
Red's Realm First nude show
1 long intro
2 short talk

Red's Realm

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