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Wow! i've hit the big-time now! Yipes! So many people!

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OK, this feels different...!
Hi, it's me, shevette,
and i'm writing this for Sir Red's site.

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First visit
Let me say first that i am glad and humbled to be here...
Before i begin...

All of you know we had a real row between Sir Red and myself - the kind that normally never heals over. What we are doing now is learning, trying and accepting. The accepting part is what i want to mention.

We had our fight because he wanted to find out who i really am, and i had made a pact with my friends and myself to never reveal that - one of the reasons being that if i did, i would not be able to speak completely freely on the subject of what i call bondage.

i got way upset and left the net for awhile before finally ending up in a private chat room where i found Friends and Family. Meanwhile, Sir Red did everything to persuade me to go back to answering mail and working on my site. i just didn't have it in me anymore to do all the things i had done before.

While i wanted things to go back to the way they were, i also knew it could never happen. Part of me was still hurt and even wanted revenge. We couldn't go back, and if we couldn't go back, then how could we go forward? Why not get to know Sir Red all over again in my chat room? i mentioned it to him and even told him that what had happened would be no secret. Sir Red accepted gladly.

So we are learning; he that he went over-board, me that hiding isn't always a good thing, us that we can never meet in real life quite the way that we do on the net.

Thanks for something to wrap up in, handcuffs too... What i am going to do here on this first visit is put up a cartoon about what bondage could be like in the future.

No, i'm not trying to imagine new restraint devices, but trying to build a series of what-if scenarios. The what-if in this case is:

What if, in the future bondage is accepted (mainstream), and what would it be like?

One of my big dreams has always been the freedom to be tied up in public. i'm proud to be a sub, and i would love to share that fact with the world. This relates to what happened with Sir Red and myself. One of my fantasies is to go somewhere like an amusement park with friends and have my hands tied behind me and then do all the fun stuff one can do in a place like that tied up like that. Let's say it's possible and take an imaginary trip to an amusement park sometime in the future...

Let's think about this...

First i'd have to decide what to wear.

Now we don't know what fashions are going to be like in the future, so i'm not going to guess on that part. I don't think wearing one's birthday suit in public will be the rage.

Nothing wrong with the human body, but nudity in public is a hard one for me to grasp.

Streetwear for the year 2020?
Streetwear for the year 2020? So this would be out too... Streetwear for the year 2020? How about this? Streetwear for the year 2020? ..or this?
What to wear - what to wear?So you tell me.

We wouldn't want to expose ourselves, right?

i sure wouldn't want to show up in public looking like a bondage rag doll. i wouldn't want to be tied up in a way that was painful or even looked like it hurt. i wouldn't want to be in some slave rags.

i think, or at least hope, that i'd be mindful of the fact that the next day i would be at work and maybe even working with some of the people who would be seeing me tied up. i really think i'd want to downplay the sexual side of being tied up too.

So what is it that i want to say by being seen tied up in public?

I don't think i really want to say a thing... i mean, i'd love to do it, but not to stick it in anyone's face. i'd want to do it just to be me, to be free. Believe me, freedom is something a sub thinks a lot about - trust me on this! Freedom or lack thereof...

i think i'd want to wear regular old streetwear and behave kinda like i do out on the streets anyway...

OK, people out on the streets sometimes get mugged or worse. Would wandering around a city street tied up cause the crime rate to go up in the vicinity? Yep, i think so. If it looked like all someone had to do was walk up, grab my purse (or something else), and then just turn and leisurely walk on off.

Read that to mean i'd want to be accompanied by my husband at least or even better another bondage couple. There is safety in numbers - and where you go to do your tied up walking!

Perhaps you are reading this, and suddenly the thought pops into your mind, "Hey! She sounds like she just might do this!" Well, if that question does run across your mind, the answer is, "Heck yes!" All i'm trying to do here is figure out how - and when it'll be safe...

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i hope you are enjoying this...
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