The shevette show Dadburn zipper!

Welcome to the shevette show!
On this show i have three guests, all guys, and all, i hope having a good time! We have Dan Dofogh, a top notch bondage artist, Sir Elo, a fellow rsident here at, and Sir Biff, a detective-type who has something on his mind!

Sirs Biff, Elo, and Dan
Welcome to The shevette show We start the show with Sir Elo who's dream it was to be backstage to see how the show is put together and he get's his wish! He even gets to see how i'm put together...
The shevette show Usually i don't start the show tied up - and i didn't this time either. Sir Elo came by my dressing room earlier as i was getting ready - part of his dream of seeing how things happen here at the shevette show.



The shevette show The handcuffs were my idea, not his... We have a clip of what happened backstage, but first let's bring on this talented writter. Ladies and gentlemen, Doms and Domettes, Slaves and Slavettes... it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you the one and only...
Sir Elo!

Hi shevette! Thanks for having me on your show! The shevette show Hi Sir Elo, be welcome. Let's get right to the tape, ok?
The shevette show



i was getting ready for the show when i heard a knock on the door. i assumed that it was Sir Elo because i knew he was about somewhere taking the tour...

He was nice looking and had on a t-shirt that said 'ELO'. i noticed that he was very aware of me in my undies. Around the show i had taken it for granted that this was the way to answer the door when one is in her own dressing room, maybe i was wrong... The shevette show No! I have to admit that it shocked me. I was already a little off guard, meeting a slave for the first time... love slave i mean... make that a willing slave... you know what I mean...
i know what you mean, i guess i was being a little 'Hollywood'... You came in and it didn't take long for us to feel comfortable with each other - once we both remembered that we had others to be faithful to. i have Rob, Sir Elo has a wife...

Being a slave - a willing slave - doesn't mean i'm ready for sex with every man i meet, and as far as the undies go... well, we're both adults...

The shevette show
If i may ask Sir, what does the ELO on your shirt stand for? The shevette show Electric Light Orchestra, a rock band from the 70's and 80's, famous for having strings both in studio and live on stage. They did "Don't bring me down" among others.
i remember that. Great song! The words mean something, i like that.

Please don't mind me if i finish getting dressed, Sir.

The shevette show Ok. You are a real slave?
The shevette show No, i'm a love-slave. A long time ago someone called me a wanna-be slave. At the time i took that as an insult. i thought i was a real slave or, at least, i sure wanted to be a real slave - just like the John Norman Gor books.
I am well accquainted with the Gor series! The shevette show
The shevette show Now i have come to terms
what a real slave is...
and what i am.
Oh, what is that?


A real slave is something like a relative. They are born into that role and can't change it.

i think i was born wanting to be a slave, but i wasn't a slave and i'm still am not a slave. That's better because i still have free thought. i love to give of myself - yes, i want acceptance.


The shevette show

Is that being a slave?
No, it's better. When i give myself to a man, be it for sex, or just to serve him breakfast, i give myself willingly. It's like adoption, a couple give themselves to a child as parents - it's like that - divine! The shevette show I see... That gives you the opportunity to enjoy both sides of the fence. People can rule you and make you do what they (and you want) but when it goes too far, you can still call it off. That's more like ultimate power instead of powerless...
The shevette show



Power of a slave. i have done a lot of bondage and i have never called out a safe word, not once. The kind of bondage that i like the best is the kind where i give up my safe words, give up myself, completely...

Never used a safe word?

The shevette show

No! Here, handcuff my hands in front of me. Here's the key, no safe word, if i beg to be freed then ignore me. You have complete power over my hands. i give this to you so you may feel what it's like...

i guess you could hang a dozen different names on it if you wanted, but it's different because i want to give myself completely, to surrender, or better yet - to be taken! The shevette show That's why you call yourself a slave and i undestand that it's not just for sex, but why do you call yourself a love-slave?
*laugh* It is a bit confusing, huh? i throw in the word 'love' not to mean sex, but to differentiate myself from a born-into-subserviance real slave. Maybe i should call myself a willing slave...

The shevette show

A willing slave... that sounds better. Love slave sounds like something from one of those scandal sheets. You know, those papers that carry "Doom & Gloom predictions", or "I have Bigfoot's baby."
The shevette show



If it makes you happy
then it makes me happy.

The shevette show I'm happy!

So how is all
of this done?
The show, I mean...

Two ways, either i hear of someone interesting and i contact them to be on the show, or someone can contact me to be on. The shevette show I contacted you, am i as welcome as someone that you asked to be on?
Thank you. I feel better now The shevette show Everyone has a story to tell, especially those of us into bondage. We all have this thing driving us. For some of us, like me, it is there all of our lives, for others it shows up for awhile and then it's like it is answered so it leaves. You have always heard where all of us are equal and wondered if it is true or not. i am a slave, a love slave, and i am equal. There are a lot of people in this world who can cook or do something better than me, but over all i am equal to them, they are equal to me.Your story is just as important as anyone's story, my story is just as important as yours, yours is just as important as mine.
The shevette show
Good, then i am doing right. Now what else would you like to know about the show?
Okay, Shevette. Big question here. I know that a lot of people are really into bondage and enjoy it, and I know also that a lot 'say' in fantasy groups and sites like yours that they like bondage when they really don't. It this is too personal, tell me and I'll drop it. Do you like bondage in real life?

The shevette show



Some people say they like bondage
and it isn't true???



i am a real person. Sure, the show is all fake, there's no tv camera, no produceror director, and no television studio - but i'm real and you are real, all of the guests are real and we talk about real things -yes, i like it when a man ties me up - i like it even better when i can not get loose! i am not all that unusual. Almost everyone likes to get tied up. Almost everyone can appreciate what it feels like when someone lets you tie them up. i said almost everyone because some people only fit into one group or the other.i don't think there's anyone that doesn't like to be either the top or the bottom.

The shevette show See? i am real and some real women do like to be tied up. These are handcuffs and i can't get loose without the key. If i tried to use the key you could easily stop me. i am tied up for as long as you want. You can release me now, or make me do the whole show like this - it's up to you. Either way i won't get upset with you. i give you this much control over me, please accept this gift... Today my wrists are yours. It's a gift, feel it, enjoy your power over them.
It does feel good, thank you. The shevette show A slave is honored, Sir.
Alright, quit buttering me up,
we have a show to do!
The shevette show Yes Sir,
thank you Sir!
The Show