The shevette show Dadburn zipper!

Welcome to the shevette show!
We have just had a backstage tour of me in my dressing room with and interview by Sir Elo. He has lead me in handcuffs back to the stage...

Sirs Biff, Elo, and Dan
Sir Biff - Sir Elo - Sir Dan - me.
The shevette show So, Sir ELO, let's talk just a bit about you and your site, just where DO you come up with the ideas for your stories?
Where I work, the job is repetetive and after about the first fifteen minutes, your body sorta goes on autopilot, and the mind begins to wander a bit. Those of you in the audience who have seen my site know that mine wanders pretty damn far. I have lots of time to kill. Sometimes, I see something and it sets off an idea. Other times, I come up with nothing. When it happens it happens...
The shevette show i have looked over your site and noticed you have different types of fetish stories. Does everything that you write about turn you on?
(Blush) To a degree, yes, though some of the details in certain stories do not. I have to try and be fair, though there are certain fetishes I will not even accept written stories, much less write them. And I think most people have a good idea of what I mean. I try to be fair about what I write and accept. What turns on one person may not the next and visa versa...
The shevette show Okay folks, let's hear it for Sir Elo. Here is his logo:
OK. Our next guest styles himself as a "cybershamus," an online gumshoe who makes his DiDfiles available to the public and posts requests from visitors.
He also has a number of features in the works for post Y2K, like the DiDQuiz (with a prize), the Redheaded Page, and a compilation tape of the Best DiDs Ever Done.
His office's at:

So please welcome Biff Barksdale, Private Eye.
The shevette show
Hey Shev. Yo E. Sorry 'bout this, sugar, but I gotta frisk ya.

The shevette show
(Gulp!) Frisk me?
Yeah. Nature of the biz. Can't be too careful. I'll be quick.
O...kay. Are your hands cold?
The shevette show
The shevette show MINE are nice and warm.
(to E)I'm happy for ya. (to s) All right. Drape yourself over the desk.
The shevette show Like this?...
[If he tries to frisk me too - I'm running!]
OK, you're clean.
(to E) Your turn
I don't think so.
Don't get your shorts in a wad. Just havin' ya on.
The shevette show Thanks for the frisk, Detective Biff. I needed that!You wrote that there are some important things you'd like to talk about. You have the floor, Sir.
Well, first, as this is a show about bondage, and you ARE a bondage celebrity, and I AM ass kissing, in case ya couldn't tell ...
We could tell ...
OK. So why don't we give the viewers, and you, a little taste o' the rope?
AND cuffs. And I'll help!
I'm here to serve.
The shevette show OK, you're talking to an ex-Christian, ex-liberal, ex-Marxist, ex-guilttripper, in chronological order. And while I've let my subscriptions lapse to the dogmas of these religions, I still have a deep reverence for the core values I absorbed during my days as an acolyte at their altars.
Except for the guilttripping -- I've unsubscribed to that mailing list, and permanently discarded the URL from my Self-flagellation folder.
Did I say "acolyte" ... sheesh!
Lemme see if I can say this OFF of the stilts..
The shevette show First, though ... Is that too tight, shug?
I'm fine ... Thank you Detective.
The shevette show So ... I'm talking about values like tolerance, equality, respect, honesty, humility. And, yeah, love.
The folks tuning in to this are probably thinking "Jeez, I thought this was gonna be about bondage."
Stay with me, people. I'm getting there.
The shevette show Trust me, folks -- he DOES get there.
When I got online, and so far that's my only experience with bondage in a social sense -- sad but true, though postY2K "There's gonna be some changes made" ...
Good for you.
The shevette show Hey Elo, make sure that's tight! [to s] Ok Doll?
Yes Sir!
I'm working on it, chill.
The shevette show Mebbe now's a good time for the gag. Just havin' ya on, sug. But this IS the full meal deal, so ...
The gag... Where was I before I was so rudely interrupted? OK ... Well, I figured I'd find a lot of kindred spirits -- y'know, people who were into bondage and into openness and honesty and all that other good stuff I've already said.
But aside from you -- there I go with the asskissing again -- and a few other likeminded freaks, "I still haven't found what I'm looking for."
So sue me -- I'm a U2 fan and hopelessly stuck in the '80s. I bet some of you are closet Bangles acolytes.
I'm building my vocabulary, OK?
What's he gonna do next? No more tangents.
It seems that the baggage folks carry with them in the "real" world doesn't get checked at the door of Bondageland, on or offline.
If it's true -- and I know this is gonna sound ironic -- that bondage, or anything else you're passionate about, is in some immutable way about freedom -- freedom to do what you desire, freedom to be who you want to be; or at least who an inextricable part of you wants to be -- then the last thing anyone taking their first tentative steps into this world, real or fantasy, needs is to get a bunch of shit from so-called "fellow travelers."
i guess i'll wait and see... I'll give you a ferinstance: Popular media had a profound influence on my nascent sexuality -- Duh!. Images of bound and gagged heroines were more stimulating to me than my old man's Playboys that he kept under the TV in his bedroom
He and Momma no longer shared a bed. I've always had great respect for my mother's intelligence.
Is he talking about my weight?! So anyway, now I find myself in middle age still searching out those images, collecting them, and now, being wired, discussing them, trading them, and getting and giving alerts as to their appearance.
Cable, at least in this instance, is proof of a compassionate supreme force in the universe..
i really can't get loose! OK. Good enough. But once I doffed my fedora and pulled up a chair to this table, I discovered not a little intolerance from more than one joker for any deviance from the party line, which, for lack of a more descriptive definition, I'll classify as the deification of the prototypical testosterone-sloshing Andrew Dice Clay wannabe.
Deification ... Sorry, I get this way when I'm all hepped about something.
My nose itches... In support of my rantings, I present Exhibit A -- the utter revulsion on the part of some posters to the sight of a male bound along with the objet de`sirer (the men are known as "putzes" in the vernacular).
Coupla things -- I can only take this as some form of intense homophobia -- in both senses of the word -- as well as a rigidity of thought that leads -- and obviously has led -- to stonewritten dogma.
And dogma is not man's -- or woman's -- best friend.
And, Jiminy Christmas, are you gonna let something like that spoil your gonads' night out? Self-interest alone dictates an abandonment of such nosecutting.
Boy, I'm concise and to the point, ain't I?

Positively laserlike.
[in mock agreement] Mmmph!
How long is he going to keep me like this? The point is -- What IS the point? -- that if you can't adopt an inclusive attitude, if you can only conceive of a "I like bondage -- or anything else -- this way, and everybody else is a fag or a perv or a PC --GOD I HATE THAT TERM! -- dickhead" paradigm, then you have no conception of what freedom of expression is about, and you may as well stock up on brown shirts at the After Christmas Sale at WalMart, and wear your intolerance on your sleeves.
So there.

[halfmockingly] Bravo!
Mmmph! Mmmph!
Is he stopping? Whew, I'm spent. (To audience) Look, folks, I don't want to come across as John the Baptist here, and I'm gonna shut up now so our fair sub can intro her next guest -- after we reluctantly ungag her.
But can I say one more thing?

Can anyone stop you?
(We're actually good buds.)
Now Sir Elo is getting wound up! This isn't about dissing the dips, deserving though they may be.
It's about hopefully providing some rah rah for the team in the home whites, the folks who like to get tied up, or get whipped, or insert vegetables in various orifices, and think it's just hunky dorey how anyone else chooses to rice their potatoes as long as those aforementioned values are tossed into the casserole too.

I know what you mean, Biff. I was talking to a friend I haven't seen in sometime, and she asked me what I do on the net. I went ahead and told her, and she didn't think of me as being interested in bondage. The unfortunate part is that I think when most people think of bondage, they think of leather, whips, chains, people REALLY being forced to have sex or perform other sexual acts, you know, without the other's total consent..... Also, I think there are more people into bondage than we know, but don't tell anyone BECAUSE of that stereotype.
It's hard. People try to conceive some point that can't be argued and then they hide behind it -- be it religion, community standards, or "protecting the kids". Actually all they are trying to say is that they don't want to hear about it -- which is fine as far as that goes -- but they frequently do it in a way to shame us from talking about something we find interesting -- even to others who find it interesting...
Ahhhh... It's a real bastard. You'd think we'd have learned SOMETHING about tolerance, in this case or just in general, on the verge of the new -- or what the MadAv jokers SAY is the new -- millenium.
More touching!!! Mmmmpppphhhh!!!!
i was begining to really get turned on there... Jeez, sorry shug. Let's get this off ya.
Uph! ,,, Thank you, Detective Biff.
[If she calls him "detective" one more time, I'm gonna take a bite outta CRIME!]
So ... were you well and truly bound? Any chance of wriggling your way free?
Not even! What did we prove?
Was it fun?
On with the show! It was for me! Especially a couple of times there-
Not you, weisenheimer -- our gracious host.
Before we bring on our last guest, I'd like to put my two cents in, it IS my show ... (giggle)
Go 'head on.
I was really shocked to find my old site listed as being "fetish". I've heard some pretty rosey definitions of what a fetish is, but I never thought of bondage as a fetish -- I think it's kinky, and I love to think of it as being kinky. I love to think of myself as being kinky... Go figure...
i'm still kinda warmed up - i wonder, do they know? OK, we have to go to break. When we get back we'll welcome Dan Dofogh, world reknowned bondage artist!
He's says he's got a real surprise for me and i can hardly wait!
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