The shevette show What have i gotten myself into?

Welcome to the shevette show!
We just had an interview with Detective Biff with a demonstration of why i'm not an escape artist, now on with the show!

Sirs Biff, Elo, and Dan
Sir Biff - Sir Elo - Sir Dan - me.
The shevette show Thanks for rejoining us. We just had a demonstration of why I'm not an escape artist, a lively conversation about the net, and now it's time for our next guest, world renowned artist, comic of all trades, and my 'Net Buddy. He has been published in Penthouse, Harmony -- videos and mags, Komic Fantasies -- BonVue, at,,, and elsewhere.

Please welcome Sir Dan, Dan Dofogh!

The shevette show Sir Dan! Thanks for being on the show!

No sweat shevette. I hafta thank you for your proactiveness. You always seem to be out there, doing something. That's a rare thing and good to find.

Thank you. Ummm ... What are you doing up there -- and how are you able to hang there like that?

Hi shevette! I figured that since I'm from Australia that this would be the way to come on the show, OK?

Whatever strikes your fancy. I try to treat my guests right!

Thanks shevette. Come on up -- grab the rope!

I'm handcuffed! i can grab it but i can't pull myself up....

Surprise surprise! No, I meant grab it and loop it around your feet -- that way when you get up here you'll be facing the same way as me!

Ok, gimme a minute!

[Sir Elo, Detective Biff, I'll need your help here as we get the rope around my feet ... ]

I thought this gig was "No heavy lifting". (to s) It's a joke, shug.

The shevette show The shevette show The shevette show

[and Sir Dan hoists me up. As soon as I'm up he jumps down to the floor]

Silly girl! *Laughs*

The shevette show *Pouting* Naughty naughty, Sir Dan. Am I supposed to interview you from up here ... like THIS?

Sure, it works for me!

Me too!

I'm jake with it.

Well OK; I'll try my best... Tell us, please -- Who is Dan Dofogh?
The shevette show Just an ordinary bum. If you passed me on the street you wouldn't even notice me. Well, except for the spiked tail and devil horns ...

... and the evil grin *giggle* How did you get introduced into bondage?

It's always been a part of me, as much a part of my psyche as my liking for sunny days. I was never "introduced".

How about art?

Same as above. I've always drawn. Though one day I bought "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain", and that gave me the technical help I'd been seeking.

What inspired your sites?

Everything I see. And feedback from friends. That's been super-duper important to me.

Sir Dan is ranked as the seventh best bondage artist in the world according to Michael Storm who did a survey of nearly 100,000 web surfers. Where did you learn to draw like that?
The shevette show The three Ps of drawing -- Practice, Practice, Practice! There's no real secret other than that. Find something you like to do, then do it a LOT until you get good at it. I'm seriously sorry if that destroys some notions about how it's a magical "Talent" ***grin*** I try to use it to inspire others to do the same! If you do something you're proud of then you should show it like you're proud of it. On that survey... shevette also ranked highly.

Thank you Sir Dan. What are your plans regarding bondage?

Find a sweet girl I can feel, talk, laugh with, and feel comfortable with. If I can find her, I'll be happy.

(teasing, but not mocking) He's so sweet.

Sir Dan, the age-old question -- Which comes first in a relationship: bondage or love? What happens if you find love but your partner won't do bondage?

I'm old-fashioned, so I guess the love. I can't be intimate without having that trust already there. Though for the right girl I'm willing to fall in love after five minutes! Love without bondage? If I loved a girl but hated the way her nose was shaped for instance, then I'm not loving her or being fair to her. Absolute love is an acceptance of the whole package, not just the parts you like. I don't have to LOVE her nose, but if I loved her then her nose is just a part of that beautiful girl. If bondage is as much a part of me as the shape of my body, then it must be accepted as a part of me.

Well stated, sir.

Thanks. I feel it's true for everybody, not just for me.

What have you done in the past regarding bondage?
The shevette show Not too much. One video shoot, bondage amongst friends, a few weeks work experience at BonVue -- and didn't I *love* that! -- met Jon Woods from Harmony -- super guy, etc.

What will you do in the future?

The shevette show More computer stuff -- PC games, screensavers, video-books. Also SpaceGirl Sabrina Two is out and as of right now and Issue Three is underway.

Maybe some "vanilla"-type adult drawing.

What kind of bondage do you do -- tickling, Master/slave, wrestling -- what turns you on ... besides suspension?

The shevette show *grin* I'm a dom -- too stubborn and proactive for subbing; though I did try it for a while when I was younger. I love wrestling and restrictive bondage. Gagging. Not much of a tickling fan, but I love to use it to get a reaction. There's nothing more exciting than interaction, and that feeling of being a "protector". There's a conflict there, as I love the look of gags, but also love the interaction of talking to the girl. It breaks my heart to gag her and dehumanize her into a silent object.

I don't feel dehumanized when i'm gagged.

Just left out of the conversation. *grin*

I would argue that -- but from a Dom's perspective, of course. The minute I gag a girl and she can't talk back, it's like I'm manipulating a giant Barbie doll. There's not much challenging about controlling a giant plastic doll.

The shevette show No. Don't you guys get it? The more i get tied up the more freedom i realize. i have learned that a gag allows me to scream, talk dirty, say things that i'd NEVER want anyone to here. Sometimes the worst bondage is being just barely tied up...

Sir Dan, what is your favorite device?

Device?!? Huh??? A black Ferrari?

Handcuffs, rope, gag ... like that. A black Ferrari wouldn't be a bad idea either though ...

For catching girls, Ferrari's the device of choice! But as for your definition of a device, rope's the go. No jangling, no loose spaces, good for spreading pressure and lessening chance of injury. Plus, it gives you more "tying time"! Gags, I love ballgags and bitgags. Damn the comfort, full speed ahead!

The shevette show What's your favorite position to tie someone in?

Anything with elbows together. Without a doubt. Legs can be tied or loose.

Who do you count as your friends?

Why, Shev of course. *grin*

The shevette show Thank you. And you're mine too.

Now my feelings are hurt. What about you, E?

I wasn't listening.

And you guys too. Anyone who helps put our lovely host in such a pretty predicament has my enduring gratitude.

The shevette show Also David Knight, the video producer; Julye Heart, blonde sweetheart; Shade Paine, desert girl, at; Jon Woods; BabyDoll -- a beautiful human being; Dior; and Sabrina. And my family are my best friends.

How do they feel about bondage?

The ones that know of it are all cool. Sabrina and Dior I have worked directly with, their attitude is wonderful. Pretty pretty. *grin* They never groan at my crappy jokes. Well, hardly never! Dior complimented me on the way I tie, and I was mightily pleased! Like anyone with this fetish, I guess, I have friends that know and some that don't. I wish it was a more acceptable fetish, like homosexuality, so I could be proud of it to *everyone*. Sigh...

The shevette show 'Fraid I'll have to take exception to calling being gay a "fetish", but I'll hold off on that for now

A taste of things to come?

So how about on the net?

Pretty well everyone on the Net is aware of my tastes. If they don't agree with it they are entitled to their opinion. I hold no grudges. People like BabyDoll and David Knight approached me, and the friendships pretty well went from there.

The shevette show Who is the love of your life?

My nieces. Other than family, maybe my ex-girlfriend. It was my decision for us to split up, and why is a v-e-r-y long story!

Who were the loves of your life?

Umm ... Is this the same question again?

The shevette show What I meant was ... have you had any bondage experiences you'd care to share -- what really turned your crank and why do you think it did that?

One life experience: I was tying one girl for the first time, and she wasn't too familiar with me. I was fumbling around back there with the ropes and inadvertently looked up to see her looking at me. Not looking at me, but LOOKING at me, like she was evaluating me and actually SEEING me. That look she gave me was one of the horniest things a girl has ever done for me.

The shevette show Bondage is like that. Who's the kangaroo?

Generic symbol for Australia. Nothing more sinister than that! Everyone recognizes kangaroos. No one knows what the hell a "bilby" is.

He was that Soviet spy in the British Foreign Service, right?


Oh yeah ...

The shevette show (ignoring the Abbott and Costello) Is there anything we should know about you two? *giggle*

Sadly, no. I appear to have the "bondage and ballgag" gene, but as far as I know, I don't carry the "bestiality" gene. *grin*

The shevette show So, Sir Dan Dofogh, what is your mission?

My Mission Statement I worked out before. I dunno where I put it, but it went something like this: "To use my super-powers for good (jokes), not bad"

The shevette show Your beliefs?

Atheist. I believe everyone has the power to do anything they want. The hardest part is finding out what it IS that you want. After that, it's all just practice.

The shevette show Your plans?

Do what I love and am good at, and never give up trying.

Very good. Anything else?

The shevette show Umm, yes ... but I've hit a mental block. The only thing I can think of is that ever since I started drawing fetish stuff, I have met a shitload of really, really nice people.

(to E) He means us.

(sardonically) Right.

After banging my head on the "normal" artistic wall for years, I was amazed at the ease, openness and flexibility of the adult industry. Sure, I'm not earning any money yet *sniff!*, but I can at least be heard. Normal publishers won't even LISTEN to artists unless they're already famous, and how can you get famous without being seen etc etc. Catch-22, I fear ...

The shevette show I've been down that road...

Yeah. I'm not sure WHAT your "official" name is -- slave, love slave, willing slave, whatever. I agree with your definition of a slave. To my way of thinking, they are people who have no choice in it and/or are fated to be that, like an Egyptian slave. Someone like you who will virtually throw themselves in front of a truck to be tied up ... "love slave" doesn't quite fit the description!

You were listening to my interview by Sir Elo...

The shevette show Yes, of course. You made a statement -- "Almost everyone likes to get tied up. Almost everyone can appreciate what it feels like when someone lets you tie them up." Screwy, but true. Even the so-called "100% top" must at least have ONCE thought about what it is like to bat for the other team. And yeah, there's something about the immovability of those ropes. When I was subbing in the past, I'd be insulted if the ropes weren't serious and inescapable.
I understand. There's no worse bondage than fake bondage.
The shevette show Tying up a woman is one of the most powerful feelings in the world. I can still remember the first time I seriously gagged a woman. It blew me away that she could not get out alone, and I was trusted to put her in that situation.

That's the "gift".

The shevette show I'm happy with my rant and the questions so far. - it was nice to get a lot of that off my chest and it'd be a bit demoralizing seeing it all edited down to a few words. On the interview, would it be possible to also have a link to a text version with the full answers from all three of us so the surfers could read the strip as well as the book?

Sure, i can do that, if you want... Let's see where this goes and we'll decide at the end of it. This is enough for this page so let's take a short break and pick this up on the next page - after you guys let me down from here.

i hear that this is good for circulation, but this is getting ridiculous! Giggle

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