The shevette show Dadburn zipper!

Welcome to the shevette show!
After interviewing Sir Dan we had a break and the guys were nice enough to gently lower me back to the floor and untie my feet...

Sirs Biff, Elo, and Dan
Sir Biff - Sir Elo - Sir Dan - me - Rex
The shevette Show! Hi and welcome back from break. Here are the credits for one thought-provoking show.
The shevette Show! *Kissing Sir Biff* thank you for being on the show and i really enjoyed our chat this morning, yer a doll! Hey! watch the hands... giggle
Sorry, couldn't resist!
Nothing to appoligize for. If i ever feel the need for another frisk i'll sure let you know! (giggle) Here's the addy for Sir Biff's site. The Case Files of Biff
The shevette Show! And now *kissing Sir Elo* thank you for being on the show. i think it's a wonderful thing that you are doing by starting the Bondage Play web ring. It's something that was needed on the net and i'm sure it will be a big hit.
Hold still and i'll take those handcuffs off of you. You sure look natural in them.
The shevette Show! Thank you. Keep them to remember me by and hopefully you'll get a chance or two to try them out on your wife. i think she'll be very proud of you for the show. She's got a real man in you and Mrs. Elo, he was a complete gentleman through all of this. Be proud of him, if he were mine i'd sure be proud! Here's the addy for his web ring and here's the addy for his site at LoveTied. Bondage Stories
The shevette Show! And last but certainly not least is Sir Dan. *kissing Sir Dan* i've known you for years on the net and now i feel even closer to you. You are a serious gas to be with. Thanks for being on the show.
The shevette Show! Glad to be here shevette. i was really surprised at how all of this works, and thanks for letting all of us tie you up - and as a reward i want you to have the kangeroo that i brought on the show.
Really! For me! (Gush) Why thank you Sir Dan, i will cherish it - it's so CUTE!
It's name is Rex and it's a boy stuffed kangeroo, here, let me show you.
(giggle) That's ok, i'll take your word on it. Thanks! Oh! Here's the main site for Sir Dan. Dan Dofogh
The shevette Show! i don't normally do a close on a show, but this time i think one is needed. It is with heavy heart that i close the segment of the show. We have worked together for almost a month putting this together and there have been lots of ups and downs. Put your hands together for these three men.

The shevette Show! [Everyone leaves and i'm about to do the close]

Just you and me now baby! Huba huba!
You talk!
Do you think? Maybe you figured that you just thought all of that...
They sure weren't my thoughts!
Awww, poor baby. Well, no one's perfect. i'm sure glad i was born a stuffed animal!
The shevette Show! But stuffed animals don't think!
Evidently a lot of us don't. I meet a real doll one time - she sure didn't think - almost ruined myself because of her!
You're a little pervert, aren't you!
Thank you!
I'm glad to ditch that Dan, nothing ever goes on around his place. i expect to see a lot more action now that i'm with you! Hubba hubba!
Calm down! Gee whiz! What do you think i am? Wait - don't answer that!
The shevette Show! Rats, and i had a good answer O' great one with legs to the sky!
i don't know if that was a compliment or not.... are you looking up my skirt?
Sure... it was... a compliment...
The shevette Show! i'll take your word on it. What goes on in that furry little brain of yours?
Watch the "furry little brain" talk. i bet i'm twice as smart as you and just as kinky!
i didn't know cotton stuffing could be so smart.
See? i told you so! Proof positive! (Sigh)
Don't roll you great big beautiful eyes at me sweet cheeks.
Sorry, that's all my brain could come up with...
Aww, quit complaining!
The shevette Show! If you think you are so smart then tell me what you think of the guys i just had on the show?
Of course i can. Look behind the couch - i was puking my stuffing all out. You could knit a sweater with what i just puked!
Watch it! They were all sweet and i care about them a lot! i could give you to Rob's dog for a chew-toy, y'know!
Yikes baby, i didn't mean to ruffle your cute little feathers!
Take back what you said - or you're a chew toy!
i love it when you get talk tough to me!
i mean it! Take back what you said!
Alright already! It wasn't so dull at Dan's...
He's better than that... They were all great! They had a lot of good things to say!
The shevette Show! Get yer harmones under control girlie! Sheesh! You just liked it 'cause they tied you up!
Hey! That wasn't a very nice thing to say! Alright already, can't cha' take a joke?
That was your idea of a joke? What's that sound?
What sound, i don't hear nothin'...
Sounds like a dog calling for her chew toy...
The shevette Show! I was just saying that Dan is just the salt of the earth, right?
i think so. Now be quiet for a bit while i close this out.
Si pretty senorita!

We had a show with three charming guys and a lot has happened just durring the taping of the show... Sir Dan has been dating a girl and hopefully he's going to be tying some knots! Sir Biff has found someone too and she'll be tying some knots on him! Sir Elo has started a web ring and he's going to do his best to promote real bondage, the kind that everyday people do.
The shevette Show!
See, the idea of all the shows that i ever hope to do is epitamized in this one show; everyday people do this, everyday. Remember that. Bondage is kept in the closet, but not because it's a bad thing - it's a very personal thing. It's not something that can come out completely. My dream is to walk in the sunlight as what i am, just a slave. It's a dream that can never fully be realized. Supose i was kidnapped and carted through the center of town - how would the police know that it was for real? No, bondage will never be done in the streets - and it shouldn't be, but because it is kept under wraps don't think that it's bad - it's just a pleasant secret waiting for anyone bold enough to explore thier own desires and the desires of the one they love.

The shevette Show!
This is shevette of the shevette show wishing you only the best of bondage. Good night and keep tuning in because these three guys are going to be back to give us a progress report on thier lives and the web ring they have started up together. To get to know them is to get to love 'em!

The shevette Show!
Here, here! Now to the dressing room?

The Show


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