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Recently i had a bad cold and i took some medicine that knocked me for a loop as much as the cold did. When i'd dream i'd have really wild dreams. One of those dreams was the inspiration for this demonstration. The idea here is not to titilate, but to educate. i go as far as i dare with the illustrations so even if all you do is look at the pictures you'll probably enjoy yourself. If you read the text, i think, it could change your life - especially if you've never tried bondage...

Real - Life

The shevette show

Hi! This should be interesting, i'm planning the script on this show - and i don't have a guest. Well i do and i don't. i'm using a fantasy man, well kinda. Make that a real man with a fantasy situation. The real man is Rob, who is my fiancee. This is a realistic (in some ways) enactment of what might happen while he and i did some bondage. Whew, i sure can be unclear at times, can't i?

Here's what's going to happen... in real-life. i am going to dream up a script for you about Rob and i doing some bondage, i am typing it up right now. After i get it the way that i want it then Rob and i are going to do it at home. i'll do a revision of the script to more or less match what we did, draw the pics and post it. What you see right now is the script. This is four pages long and the last two pages are what really happened. i'm going to try to explain a lot of different points...

The shevette show
Ok, here's a shot of me cleaning out a closet. i want to start this thing with me locked up in a closet for an hour or so before Rob comes to get me and tie me up and... you'll see.

The shevette show Here's my rug. i think of it as my slave rug. When i'm feeling kinda slavish. i could do a whole show on just my slave rug, but i'm going to be brief here. i use it to restrict myself. No, i don't get tied up with it; i just sit on it. The idea is once i decide to go into slave mode on my slave rug i can't leave it. It's a kind of self bondage. Rob knows that once i lay it out that i will not get off of it until he comes to get me. Bondage has all of these nice little things built into it so that partners can tell each other that they are ready for some bondage play - without actually having to say it. It's kinda like the deal where i go into the bedroom and put on something slinky and watch tv with Rob like that. But it's less demanding. i don't ever want to demand sex from a guy. i just sit on my rug and he knows i'm not getting up unless he orders me to get off of it. It's more subtle than a nightie. He doesn't have to respond. If he wants to just go to bed and get some sleep at the end of the evening then that's fine. He can let me spend the night on my slave rug or order me to bed - to sleep - or not.

While i'm on my rug i am getting mildly turned on. i am acting the part of the slave - and he knows it! That's usually enough to get him turned on. i make the comitment to force myself to stay on the rug - and usually i don't have to for very long at all - unless he decides to tease me. If he does that then both of us get very turned on. It's a delicious kind of bondage.

The shevette show Back to the closet... i am going to get him to lock me inside it for maybe an hour or so. It's kind of like the rug, but it has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are for me. When i'm on the rug i have to force myself to stay on it. When i'm locked in the closet i have more freedom - i can try to get out if i want to. Bondage is really strange. The more freedom one gives up, the more freedom one has! Doesn't make a lick of sense, but it works. The disadvantage is i can't see Rob and he can't see me, but that's where this twist that bondage has comes in again. Because i can't see him or tell what he's doing it turns me on. i could hear a car and wonder if someone is coming to the house, maybe Rob is going to the store - maybe he'll get back late and i'll have to be cramped up for hours in the closet! Maybe it's my imagination. He can't see me which is a disadvantage, or is it? He knows that i can't see him. Maybe he'll lay out something wild for me to wear, anything from a corset and nylons to a set of slave chains - i would never know. And that's fun!

The shevette show Now to why i am dressed the way i am. Pretty skimpy, huh? The idea here is to expose as much skin as i can. Since i am doing this for the show i don't want to get tied-up, made love to (to a degree), and be in my birthday suit (nekid) all at the same time. i give you two out of three: being tied up, and being made love to (the foreplay part.)

[UPDATE - i wore jeans (cut-off though they may be) and a locked chain belt which he doesn't have the key for (i've hidden it.) It's kinda like i have a chastety belt on. He can't remove them no matter how bad he may want to tonight. Now that we have done this it's ok to put in here that i gave the key to j, who lives about a mile away. That way niether of us could get my jeans off! Frustrating, but oh such a tease! i did this for the show - i don't mind drawing interaction between two lovers, but i don't want to ever draw insertion. i do have to keep some things to myself.]

The shevette show One more thing about how i'm dressed. i know that there are more femine things that i could wear, we are talking sex here, but... i'm a country gal and i have found how nice it feels to have some good tight jeans just hugging me. i find them erotic in thier own right. While i love the sensation of my jeans grabbing me all over i also love my el-cheepo tennies. They look good and offer my feet a freedom that can only be exceeded by bare feet.

[UPDATE - For the show they offer me one security. Rob can't tickle my feet while i'm wearing them. Tickeling is something i love and hate at the same time. i love the sensation at certain moments and i love it when it's over. i love it when i know i'm going to get tickled, but don't ever think i am going to offer myself up for tickeling! Tickeling makes about as much sense as bondage...]

The shevette show The device of restraint: For starters i see Rob using handcuffs. When we do this i will lay out a set made up to go on my hands and feet with a connecting chain. i love handcuffs because i know they are 100% inescapable without a key and they are so fast going on. Maybe the fact that when i used to do self bondage they worked so well. The sound of the little chain ratteling on a set of handcuffs almost always turns me on - and fast! The sound of the rachets working as they are locked around my wrists is almost enough to make me melt. It's a conditioned response. i know that when i hear that sound i'm gonna get some really nice stimulation!

When i began do bondage with guys i did find one unforgivable flaw with handcuffs - if i struggle against them then they bruise my wrists and even my ankles. Ladies, i think you have to agree with me, if you don't get active durring sex then it's not going to be great sex, is it? i have discovered that chains durring sex are what turns my crank the best - without leaving marks. i hate the connotations that chains have; it sounds yucky to think of myself chained up (compared to being handcuffed.) Chains are the thing though, at least for me.

The shevette show Ok, i'm locked up in the closet (that doesn't sound all that cool either, does it?) and the handcuffs are layed out. Now i wait - at Rob's discretion. It may be five minutes and it may be five hours. Either way i'll be coming out of the closet happy. Happy in five minutes because i'll know he couldn't wait any longer than that. Happy in five hours because i'll be glad to get out of there - and that he let me out!

That's the outside stuff, the external things. Let me talk just a sec about internal things. The body, my body, reacts to these kinds of things. It's like finding someone you can talk dirty with for a bit and afterwards noticing that you've gotten a little damp. Being locked up in a closet will stimulate your body from the first get-go! It's like when something is turning you on and you don't even notice - until you feel kinda different and everything just kind of sends... stimulation, and you do notice. It's some kind of reation the body has on it's own. If you can figure out how to help the body find this then you are gonna be a happy person! That's something bondage gives you, or, at least, it does me - and i am a very happy person!

Now being locked up in a closet kind of stimulates the body the very first time that you do it. If, when you get out (or even while you're still inside) you get pleasantly stimulated (think fingers or beyond) then the next time you get locked into the closet the reaction is more intense, and the next time it's even better! Exponentialy!!!

The shevette show A little theory time here... We are made up of different parts. i'm not talking eyes, ears, nose, fingers, hands, and like that here. We all have a mind, a body, a heart, and a soul. All of our different parts are kinda put together and held in our soul. i don't want to turn this into something religous because we all have our different beliefs and i was always taught that this is good. All i want to mention about the soul is that i really don't think God is going to hold it against us if we have fun - just as long as we don't knowingly harm anyone or break any of his commandments. There's no commandment for not getting tied up!

Those of us who have fallen in love know that there is a big difference between the mind and the heart. Our mind can tell us over and over that this guy's not right for you and the heart can still want him. i think the heart is actually stronger than the mind. Break up with a guy and the mind can be happy - unless the heart gets upset. Then you've got hell to go through.

Now for the body. (Did i ever mention that getting locked in a closet is a good way to think about things? You, your life, the guy you love...) The body is kinda like the heart - it's out there - and it's a strong influence on your life. You think (with your mind) that you control the body (just like you think you control your heart) but that's not completely true. Sure, your mind makes the body go to the store for groceries and all, but the body makes you do strange things (like get yourself locked in a closet.)

Maybe the body is the same thing as the heart. Maybe the body and the heart have a good line of communications. All i know (with my mind) is that they are out there and they are powers to be reckoned with.

The shevette show The mind has a natural tendancy to not like bondage. It's a pretty wierd kind of thing to want to do, right? But the mind can learn. It kind of samples things and comes up with "that felt good" or "that wasn't so nice". Give your mind a chance to decide if bondage is good or not so nice. Getting ready for this my mind is kinda cold about getting locked in a closet, and laying out chains to get tied up with. That's natural, but at the same time the body is putting out signals to the brain about "Hey, this is gonna be ever so goood!"

You've got to use your mind, but you've got to listen to your heart and you've got to listen to your body. The soul listens to everything. Bondage has a potential to be a very bad thing, but we can use our mind to make it a very good thing. When we use our mind to make bondage good then our body is going to be happy and it's going to reward us. The heart is going to be kinda happy too.

The shevette show Ok, it's been about an hour and the body is doing things. i'm getting turned on. Blood is flowing hotly in sensitive places, juices are flowing and this is the body talking. Can you feel the sensation? Allow yourself to be locked in a closet and you will!

What we are doing here is kinda like tricking the body to be happy.

The mind knows that if i had to i could raise a rukus and Rob would come and let me out. The mind knows that if he didn't i could kick my way out. His mind knows that if i did he'd never get to lock me in a closet ever again. The body knows it's feeling good. Even my heart is stimulated and my soul is watching with anticipation. In all reality i am safe, but the body isn't sure about that. All it knows is to get ready for something. A curiosity: the body seems to be getting ready for sex. It's all natural - with a little help from the brain...

The shevette show

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