The shevette show Do you like my new look? i can't see...

Welcome to the shevette show!
This is part two of my first shevette show demonstration...

Real - Life

The shevette show Ok, where was i? About to come out of the closet. Lemme take just a second to explain how i feel just planning this show. As soon as i sit down at the computer i get like a tingly feeling. My tummy kinda tenses up and if i keep at this too long it will nearly get sore. Parts of my body that i don't want to mention by name kinda get stimulated too...

Has anyone come out and said, "Hey! Bondage is about sex!"? It is. That doesn't mean if i get tied up it's going to ultimately lead to having sex. It only does that if i'm lucky!

Bondage isn't sex and sex isn't bondage - but they are closely related.

The desire for bondage seems to be closely related to a desire for adventure. Maybe it has to do with the fact that if you do something exciting it causes the blood to circulate a LOT faster. More blood goes to every part of your body. Maybe when you get that much blood going to those parts of the body that i didn't mention before they kinda switch on and you get sexually stimulated. i don't know.

The shevette show Back to the closet...

Obviously i'm not in the closet writting this. The computer is in the spare bedroom. Rob hasn't locked me in the closet yet or even read this. What should i call this? A to do list? A wish list?

If i really had all of my wishes this thing would get strange. i would love to tell the tale as if it was happening at my imaginary studio, but that would confuse the issue. Aw, let me confuse it just a little...

The shevette show If i had my druthers it would play something like this: i would be in the closet and the door would be opened by two men. They would be dressed in black and sort of like they belonged on a swat team. They wouldn't have guns (guns and sex are a turn-off for me) but maybe they'd have billy clubs. They wouldn't hit me or even threaten to, they'd just keep them where i was aware of the fact that they had them. One would be completely silent (and a little menacing because he was being silent) and the other would be kinda effecient (shades of ADAM-12.)

He'd yank me (not too hard though) up on my feet and push me against the wall, door, whatever. "Lean against the wall! Spread your feet!" He'd tell me and he'd get me in position to be frisked. He wouldn't frisk me though. i'd just think that was what he was going to do. He'd pull my hands behind my back not rough, but absolutely not gently. The handcuffs would go on - kinda tight, thumbcuffs would be nice, but not this time - i am hoping for a very active session and thumbcuffs would be dangerous if it got too wild. Then he'd get down on his knees behind me and put my feet in legirons. While he was doing that his partner, the silent one, would run his billy club across the cheek of my tail and slowly down one leg. Yeah, i'd notice!

The shevette show A chain collar would be nice and why not a blindfold? i considered a gag - lots of gags and was torn between a dildo type or a ball gag. Both are very noticable when worn. i drew a pic with a compromise gag. It was a ball gag (blue for those of you into that) with an elaborate harness to hold it in place. Actually i was influinced by a movie i saw the other day. "CandyMan III" has a lead heroine who is an absolute walking doll and there's a scene where she's tied to a chair and gagged with a pink ballgag with an elaborate harness. i liked her in that kind of gag and i think i'd like to try it, but the pic i drew looked too hairy and i realize there are people out there having a hard time with the handcuffs and the bily club sliding across my bottom. Sorry Sir Dan. A comment on that scene in the movie; the evil bad guy finds her like that and torments her, in the usual way of horror movies, and plucks the ball from her mouth like it was never tied in place or anything - it ruined the whole scene for me, maybe the movie.

Actually, for all the bondage gear i have amassed over the years i have never owed a real store-bought gag. j and i tried to make some gags at home and while they worked ok they lacked craftmanship. For some reason craftmanship is important in bondage. It's ok to wear "slave rags" made from an old pillowcase or something, but if the ropes are loose or kinda junky-looking, then i don't like it.

The shevette show

Pet peeve: handcuffed with hands apart, like to the headboard of the bed - and one hand is held by one kind of handcuff and the other by a different kind. Yucko! What's on one wrist needs to be on the other! What's on one ankle has to be the same as the other ankle. Hands don't have to be the same as the feet.

Anyway... i keep diverting because i want to do a lot of explaining here. i don't mean to wander, just point out things as they pop up.

They run a chain between the leg irons and the handcuffs. It's not tight making me squat or anything, just limiting my movements a tad more. i think the police do this so the leg chain won't drag on the ground, it looks cool and even feels better - more restricting.

The shevette show They lead me, in my fantasy, to the stage where Rob awaits. Sometimes in bondage the olden words sound better. Anyway, they turn me over to him for the demonstration because what's going to happen next is something i'd never let ANYONE do to me, except Rob. In my mind's eye i see them standing back and i think they are there now to protect me. Before they were in my fantasy to incarcerate me (i wonder if that's an olden word) now they are there to protect me - and Rob.

The idea is to use the excitment to get the juices flowing.

Enough fantasy.

In reality what will probably happen is Rob will open the closet door. i'm still not sure how this would go the best, maybe we'll try it several different times to see what is better. Another sideline. You've seen those movies where there's bondage, but someone usually gets killed or hurt. The bondage scene is good, but the motivation is bad. The shevette show Well it's still cool to play out those scenes at home - just drop the hurting part. These stories that you see posted around the net are cool to act out too - just do the scene the way you think it ought to go. Pretend to be in a swiming pool, pretend the spoon in your lover's hand is a gun, pretend you are a slave locked up in a cell (closet), whatever, but temper it to your own liking.

When i lived with j we used to do 'assignments' that people would send to me and her. It was an absolute, 100% gas! This is an open invite to ANYONE out there that would like to send me an assignment that i can do on my own, or preferably with Rob's help, to please send them in to and i will look at them and see if i can do them, ok?

i don't need the kind that say, "Hog-tie yourself. Wear just five inch spiked heels and fishnets." They are something i'd do, can do, but by themselves just don't turn my crank.

Here's a good one i got and did: "You and j hog-tie yourselves. Leave the key in the center of the room. You and her are to be as far away from the key as you can get on opposite ends of the room. At some signal the two of you squiggle over to the key and the first on to get loose gets to dominate the other for the night." You can read what happened on my old site at i used to send copies to the people who made the sugestion. i can't do that now, just keep your eyes on the site to see when your request gets done.

The shevette show Where was i? i was trying to decide if it would be better to get into the closet already tied up; go in with the gear and tie myself up; or let Rob tie me up as soon as he opens the door. When he ties me up should it be like the fantasy (with Rob playing the role of the swat teams guys); Should he tell me i can get out if i'll tie myself up; should he tie me up as i'm kneeling over the bed; should he tie me up as i'm laying on the floor; should we wrestle for who gets tied up; or what? Ummm... i'll take one of each! Giggle

The shevette show

Shameless, am i not? After getting this turned on thinking and writting about this, yes!

Ok, that's about as far as i can go. i sure can't wait to give this to Rob and just let him have at me. This has been fun, but the best is yet to come. The next page is not fantasy - it will be what we really did. i'm going to try to stay away from what i've alread talked about and give as many details as i can about what will happen. Did i say that right? It was suposed to be past participle future tense...

The shevette show Now to print this out and lay it in Rob's lovin' hands...

Wish me tight bondage!

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i hope you are enjoying this...