The shevette show ..a quick shower and then...

Welcome to the shevette show!
This is part three of my first shevette show demonstration...

Real - Life
The shevette show Ok, i gave the list/letter/message/whatever to Rob and he read it. He didn't jump right up and toss me in the closet. He ran it over in his mind and talked to me about what i had written and what i liked about it and what he liked. Still i didn't hear the closet door lock shut behind me.

i was just getting over a really bad cold so that may have been why he waited. i had been really really out of it, but with all the medicine i had in me i had some super cool bondage dreams. He may have figured that what i had written had been connected to the dreams i had been having. He had been forced to sleep on the couch for over a week as i slept in the bed and tried to get better. To show you how sweet he is: he could have slept in the spare bedroom or had me sleep in there, but the bedrooms are all the way across the house from each other. i think he was worried enough about me that he wanted to be close enough to hear me in case i needed him in the middle of the night. i've got me a goood man!

The shevette show One day i was at home and all better. Rob got home, we ate, and he had that look in his eye... He asked if the closet in the spare bedroom was all cleaned out for me. At first i couldn't figure out what he was talking about - then i saw that look again. i told him to give me a few minutes to remove the stuff i had put back in. Just a few of j's clothes she had left, she used to visit us a lot - and spend the night, but not like that...
The shevette show i went to one end of the house and got a quick shower while Rob got one at the other end of the house. Bondage can be like a wedding in some ways. You don't want the bride and groom to see each other until it starts...
The shevette show

i got into my shortest shorts. They had started life as hip huggers and when they got too ragedy i had cut the legs off to make shorts out of them. i NEVER throw away old jeans. This pair had come to American on the Mayflower! They are TIGHT on me, one time! It had been after the cold, the message, and going back to work that i had gone out and gotten the absolute skipiest tank-top that i could find. It isn't flimsy, streachy. No, it's all white, all tight, cotten. A freshly-washed pair of tennies completed my outfit. If i wore it outside i'd probably get arrested and while i like handcuffs i've never had a desire to have the police put some on me.

i heard the shower still running in The Master bedroom so i dashed in and grabbed the 'toy' bag with all of our 'immediate' bondage gear. i needed my chain collar and a chain to use for a belt. i had a tiny lock hid away in the night stand on my side of the bed. i got it and dashed back to the spare bedroom. i was getting excited already.

Bondage does have an eliment of danger to it so in the interest of safety i called j to be sure she was at home and we'd be able to get the key for the lock i held in my hand. She was there and i told her that tonight was the night when Rob would be coming over after the key. My mouth almost fell off my face when she told me that she was going out in a bit and that if i wanted the key i'd better come get it right away. That wouldn't work at all!

The shevette show i heard Rob in the front room so i asked j to hold for a sec while i had a word with Rob. i pressed myself against the wall so Rob wouldn't see me and asked him to give me just a minute before he came back. He agreed and i went back to the phone. "Hey, hide it under the steps." i told j. She agreed and i hung up the phone, but not before she got in a laugh at me and wished both me and Rob a good night.

The shevette show i took THE lock and used it to secure the chain in the beltloops of my cut-offs. i don't care who, but one of you needs to write me and thank me at...
..because i knew from the moment that i heard that lock snap shut there was going to be a point in time, that night, when i would be wanting it off of me more than anything in the whole wide world!

i put on my slave chain around my neck and locked it on too. If i had my way that chain would never come off! Rob's not wild about it, but i am. Quickly i got one set of handcuffs out of the bag and a set of legirons. Two more tiny padlocks and a length of chain were all that i needed. Just for kicks i emptied out the whole bag on the bed, just in case Rob felt the urge to use any of it.

i went to the door opened it wide and stood in the door frame. "i'm ready." i anounced trying not to sound as anxious as i was.
The shevette show After he told me how great i looked in my new top and the cut-offs, which i had rolled up as far as they could go, he carresed me sweetly, kissed me, and put me into the waiting closet. i heard him hook the eyelet on the door and i knew i was irreversably commited to this night of bondage! A chill and a thrill ran through my body at the same time. Yas, the heart was beating much faster now...
The shevette show Time in a box. Time in the dark. It is disjointed from the rest of the universe. Five minutes can seem like an hour. A hour like a week. Actually it's good. The cares of the day, of the entire world, had melted off of me before i ever sat down to wait. The cut-offs dug into my upper legs with a vengance where i had rolled them up so tightly. i could have gotten on my knees and unrolled them where they wouldn't be so tight, but i didn't. i let the tightness feel good. Ahh... but it did feel good too!

The shevette show Yes, i wanted out of there and yes, i wanted the next stage to begin, but i had no control over that. i had given up all control and when that door opened again i would be tied hand and foot, and i would not be able to escape no matter what i did. i sat back, enjoyed the feeling, and let my jeans dig into me...

The door opened...

The shevette show Rob asked me if i was alright. i nodded my head and looked up at him. He had the chains and cuffs in his hand. "When I open this door again I expect to see you nicely chained!" he told me. He tossed the chains onto the floor of the closet beside me and the door was closed and locked again. So that was how he was going to do it.

The shevette show i felt around in the dark to see what he had left for me to work with. i found a pair of handcuffs, another set of handcuffs, a chain, two locks, and it felt like a bandana.

That indicated to me that i would have handcuffs on my feet insted of leg irons. The chain would go from my feet to my hands and the bandana - would it be a gag or a blindfold? Ok, if i used it for a gag it wouldn't be safe so he must have intended it as a blindfold. Not much of a hindrance to someone alread in the dark. Hmmm... i wonder if there's some cosmic truth there...

The shevette show Bondage improves your logic. First, he could wait another three years (it would feel like) before opening the door again or he could wait five seconds. If he opened the door and i hadn't chaind myself up yet then he would have all the reason he'd ever need to leave me locked up for a long long time - and while the night was young i was more tham ready to get down to the action part of the evening. Quickly i grabbed up the handcuffs!

The shevette show Bondage improves your logic. Second, i couldn't just slap the handcuffs on my wrists could i? i had to put the blindfold on before i did that.

The shevette show Bondage improves your logic. Third, while i had the handcuffs in my hands i could go ahead and get my feet. i'd need to attach the chain to the handcuffs first, but how much chain had he given me? i laid the first set of handcuffs in my lap where they would be easy to find (they felt chilly on my skin) and felt around for one of the locks. i found both of them so i picked both up and hung one over the chain around my waist being careful not to snap the lock shut. i felt around for the chain and tried to use it to attach the chain to the handcuffs i was going to use on my ankles. i snapped the lock shut and let go of the chain. It fell into my lap! i hadn't gotten the lock through one of the links! i had just one lock for the chain between my feet and hands!

The shevette show Bondage improves your logic. What happened to the lock? i felt and it was on the chain between the handcuffs. i could feel the lock but the hasp part hadn't engaged the hole that was meant to go in. Ok no biggie, i'd just try again. No such luck, this was a cheep lock, push it down and inside it's hole or not it would lock down and the only way to get it up into it's hole would be to unlock it with a key. In my position i didn't have a key - or any hope of ever getting one.

What would you do? The door could open at any second!

i took the remaining lock out and locked with both ends of the chain in it making a loop of chain then i locked one side of the handcuffs that had been in my lap around one ankle. i took the loop of chain and put the other side of the cuffs i was working with through the loop and locked it around my other ankle. i tested the loop and it was held by the short chain between my ankles.

The shevette show Bondage improves your logic. Next i put on my blindfold and felt around until i could lie down on the floor of the closet. The second pair of handcuffs were under me. i got them and locked one side on a wrist. Reaching behind me i got the loop of chain between my ankles and carefully stuck the free cuff through the loop. i turned onto my tummy and put both hands behind me and let the loop of chain slide down arm so i could be sure it would be captured by the chain that would be between my wrists. Bondage improves your flexability.

Bondage improves your logic. One last time to be sure everything was set. Once i snapped the other cuff around my free wrist i'd be helpless to fix any mistakes. i reached back in front to check the blindfold. As best as i could tell it was over both eyes and i wouldn't be able to see out around it. The handcuffs were on my feet the chain looped over both sets of handcuffs, last but not least is comfort! i scrounged around and found the best possible postion to get in and reached back behind myself one last time and locked the remaining cuff in place.

the shevette show Yes, i was safe. The closet door had a full one inch gap between itself and the floor. i felt around until i found this gap and put my nose as close to it as i could. i was in a mild hog-tie. The kind that's almost as agravating as a wrists over ankles kind. Agrivating because it's not nessisary to have the feet touching the hands, but still not be able to rest the legs on the floor. i was safe. Everything was set. i was very tied up!

i hate to say it again, but the next page describes what happens when Rob opens that famous closet door.

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