The shevette show And now for the door opening!

Welcome to the shevette show!
This is the final part of my first shevette show demonstration...

Real - Life
The door opened. i was blindfolded so i couldn't see anything and you'd kill me if i left it like that, wouldn't you?

The shevette show i heard the footsteps, door knob being turned, the latch being released, and the door opening on it's hinges. The rest of the house was silent when Rob spoke. "Well, well, well." There was a pause and i turned my head in his direction. i figured that if i had my head stuck out further than the door frame he wouldn't lock the door again. "I supose you want out now?"

The shevette show "Please..."

"Can you get up? Why are you tied like that? i didn't think you were going to hog-tie yourself."

The shevette show "i only had one lock for the-" was as far as i got before i before i felt a rubber ball pushed into my mouth. Sorry, i don't know what color it was. i heard a tearing noise and tape was put over the ball.

"So I've got you all tied up and all to myself, don't I?"

i nodded my head in agreement. i was at Rob's tender mercies - at last!

"Well let's have a look at you. You do look great like this. I am going to enjoy this, thank you." He told me as i felt strong hands on my shoulders. The hands wandered for a bit on my body exploring. It felt good. His touch was soft and slow. Just as i had been priveledged to all the time in the world while i had been in the closet, now Rob too had all the time he wanted to touch me. i didn't mind a bit. He must have been on his knees in front of me because i felt his body press against mine as his arms wrapped around me and held me tightly. "I love you." he told me.

The shevette show i tried to tell him that i love him too, but you can imagine how much of that escaped past my gag. The arms squeezed again and i felt myself being lifted up. i couldn't straighten my legs, but it didn't matter as i was carried a short distance to the bed. i was layed on my side and i could feel Rob's eyes on me. For a brief moment i wondered what he saw before him. Did i appear to him as some crazy mixed-up chick who needed her head examined or did he see me as desirable, sexy, and willing to give to him my all? The shevette show
i felt a hand gently carress my leg and lips kissing me. Kissing me and wandering as they went. Yes, i knew that he loved me and that he found me desirable. The kisses continued down my arm and down to my side. i carefully rolled onto my back exposing myself for his every carress. His hand found itself between my legs and pressed against my swollen womanhood. i moaned softly through the gag and spread my legs in invitation. His touch was ever so nice to feel especially after the isolation of the dark closet, especially in the dark world behind the blindfold. The handcuffs were trying to cut into my wrists but i tucked them under me, rolled gingerly over exposing myself, and arched my back exposing myself even more for the man i love, shamelessly. i was what i am, a woman, a woman in a man's arms. It felt good - all over!

The shevette show i felt the bed sink as Rob crawled up on it fully and leaned over me kissing me in places that cried for his attention. My heart was hamering and the room felt hot. Kisses at my navel the kisses on my neck. Oh i am so weak when it comes to soft kisses on my neck! i moaned not only to tell him to keep going but out of natural need.

The shevette show i could feel him shift his position and the kisses on my neck stopped to be resumed between my legs. Rob knows all about my 'special' spots. He has explored my body many times and sometimes he finds a spot that even i don't know that i have. That's always nice. Sometimes i think my body has a game going with his lips because it seems like a lot of times i have a secret spot that just works for a night - and Rob always finds it.

The shevette show i feel his face pressed to my mound and fire races across me. Hands sweep across my legs and i can feel the slickness of my skin. i catch my first taste of man-scent. Not the perfume kind that comes out of a bottle either. It is the musk of animal heat.

The shevette show My arms ache to reach out and pull this man to me, to hold him and feel the warmness and the strength of his body pressed tightly against mine. White never looks whiter than when held up against black, a woman never feels more like a woman than when with a man, freedom is never more abundant than in bondage. Why do men like us tied up so much? Can't they comprehend how wonderful it feels? i thank my lucky stars that they like to tie us up. i don't understand it, but i am grateful that i know the pleasure of bondage.

The shevette show The kisses move up one leg lovingly to a knee and then down to the line where my shorts are on the other leg across to the inner thigh. i tremble and shake in the heat of lust. A lust i can no more control than my hands that are handcuffed behind my back. His kisses leave the sensitive inner thigh and travel to the knee on that leg leaving behind a trail that says each spot he has found and kissed is just as sensitive, just as deserving as my inner thighs. And then it happens...

The shevette show He kisses me just below the knee, the same spot a doctor would tap to check reflexes. Would a doctor ever be surprised at the reflex action Rob got! This was the spot for the night! My legs flapped and trembled as a groan was born deep in my throat.

Somebody write me a letter on congradulating me on being able to write this down! Whew! This is where my typing goes to pot and no one can read anything i try to type. Yes, i've been in the chats!

The shevette show Where was i? Somehow Rob was shifted around and i think this is where he freed one foot and secured the other to the foot of the bed. i felt another handcuff placed on my free leg and it was secured to the foot of the bed about three feet from the other one. Rob was sitting on me (remind me later to tell you how i love the sensation of a man's weight on me, but now is not the time.) He was facing my feet and kissing my legs, sometimes avoiding the spots he had found below my knees and sometimes treating them to much attention. He was driving me mad either way!

My breath came ragedly through my nostrals and i kept tring to sit up to rub my face on his back, to get more skin contact with him. i had to have more more more of him!

Point of interest. i am leaving out details like crazy here - i can't help it! One thing i remember at around this point is the loop of chain that had held my legs to my hands before Rob had hancuffed my ankles to the end of the bed was still under me. i decided to pull on it with the chain between my wrsts - so my hands would have more freedom and i could sit up further. When i did this the chain was right between the cheeks of my fanny - that felt wickedly good pulling the chain through there! Even better when i pulled the lock between my legs! Talk about pleasant surprises!

Rob was tenderly kissing my legs and driving me up the wall with desire. When he got to my feet and removed my tennies. He kissed my feet and that's something i respect. It shows something about a person. i do it to the man and when it is returned i am more than grateful. It shows me that he has respect for me. Thank you Rob.

The shevette show He broke the mood slightly by tickeling the soft inner instep. Not something you want a lover to do exactly, break the mood of lust with levitey - and not all that easy to do. When i get sexually turned on every touch feels sexy. Places that would normally be very tickelish, aren't anymore. He did manage to send the feeling of being tickled to my feet though. Not a tickle tickle, tee hee kind of a feeling, but enough to break me out of the sea of lust i was falling under.

i was zooming straight in for a climax and there was no need. We had all night, right? i'm not knocking regular sex, but usually it's kind of straight line. You start, head for the climax and there aren't that many things you can do to deviate from that path. Yes, i know of a lot of different things to do on the way to the mountan-top, but with bondage it's possible to stop, or turn around, or get way off the path altogether - and then go on to the mountain-top. It's very frustrating to take those detours - but does it ever ever feel good when the goal is returned to reaching climax. Normally a detour might frustrate me to the point where i'd get upset at the delay. Bound and gagged i don't have that 'luxury'. i am forced to take the detour, forced to forgo the anger that can sometimes accompany frustration. See, what's really tied up is the bad side of me - the good part of sex is right out there in the open, ready to be taken! i can't make any mistakes, i am totally not in control.

The shevette show In regular sex the climax is the crown to the act of love that two people share. In bondage there is another element, the surender. And surender is like climaxes - there are many shades, levels, and types. It was surender in the closet to tie myself up, it was a different level in that i had to hurry to tie myself up, a different shade because of the goofed-up lock.

Some of you are still looking at that word - surender - like it was your worst enemy, it's not! It's like eating a hot dog and it's loaded with catsup. You take a bite and the catsup squirts all down your front. Before your enemies it would be humiluating, in front of your friends it would be a lark, before your lover it would be the start of some hot sex. Surendering to your lover is quite nice!

The shevette show Are these the things going through my mind as Rob treats my body to his touch? Not even! My thoughts at this point were something like, "Ohw Ah Glug glerg huba hubba pAnt..." and like that. giggle

Am i putting down regular sex? No! Milk can still taste good, even though ice cream tastes better! i could compare regular sex to anything good - and bondage and sex to whatever metaphore i used for sex, except with the correct spices. Chocolate is wonderful and great (think of that as sex), The kind that kinds burns your throat is better though (that's bondage.)

i think that at this point Rob had gotten undressed. He had only been wearing a pair of shorts with an elastic waistband, but i was feeling parts of his body been covered up earlier rubbing against my legs. He was being merciful by going for the lust and not teasing my feet.

i could feel the sweat all over my body. When i had gotten out of the closet i had glistened, but now i was soaked in sweat. i was damp and i'm not decribing my forehead. Gentle touches with the tip of his finger across my belly sent hot sparks over my body. i pulled agaisnt my cuffs almost savagely - not to try to escape, but to feel them even more and know that there was no escape, to know that surender was not only my sigular option, it was the only thing that i wanted to do.

The shevette show The mussles in my belly knotted up and my mound ached. i wanted him in me! i felt him undo the buttons on my top and i felt torn. We had talked before we began and i had told Rob that i wanted to illustrate this session for the people coming to my new site. i had wanted him to keep his shorts on for as long as he could - that goal had already gone the way of the wind. And i wanted to keep my top on because it might feel a little odd drawing myself in the heat of passion and exposed. i could do one or the other, but i didn't want to do both on the site. i had made a promise to myself that i would draw and describe up to the point where my shorts came off. That would be just as absolutely as far as i could go.

The shevette show i was ready to lose the shorts and then i remembered the chain around my waist! Gahhh! Somebody write me a letter quick! You see what i am willing to share - and it's not easy, is it? i've just got to let you know that bondage is good good good!

Rob's mouth was on my tips which were as hard as pencil erasers. His hands slid down my belly to the fastener at the top of my cut-offs. He found the locked chain (i'm sure he had noticed it earlier - but now it was IMPORTANT. i wanted to be un-gagged at the same instant that he wanted to get the gag out of my mouth to find out what the deal was with the chain in my shorts and where was the key to get it off with. He got the gag off of me, asked the question and i tearfully told him that it (the key) was with j and please go get it - quckly please (beg beg beg.) i couldn't believe that i was going to end up tied on the bed waiting for Rob to hurry up and go get the key. Those shorts, cute as they may be, were close to meeting Mr. Sissors!

Rob's mouth dropped open when i told him where the key was and that he'd have to go get it and to hurry hurry hurry! He took a second and got out that he wanted me right then. i told him that i wanted him too. He already knew this was going to be for the site, that i was planning to report on our evening, but that didn't allieviate the frustration of having to stop for him any more than it did for me! He wanted me and i wanted him. Somebody write me a letter!

After it kinda sunk in he bent down and kissed me. He knows how important it is to me to spread the word. The kisses started out as praise, but quickly turned to lust, for both of us. We kissed each other greedily. Still, with each mouting kiss the question of the chain remained.

The shevette show Imagine the universe. Picture in your mind all the stars out there and all the space in between. Picture all the worlds and all the possible The shevette show life-forms. Now wander from world to world and then zoom in on earth.

Imagine the whole planet, all the people, now come in closer, you can see through the roof of the home that Rob and i share. See us on the bed as we were at that moment. Rob wanting to use my globes to get off on, me telling Rob to forget the key and get the sissors.

The shevette show The frustration, yes good warm exciting frustration. And the electrity in the air of that bedroom and now imagine the look of love on my face when Rob held before me THE key and told me that j had brought THE key to him the day after i had left it with her.

The shevette show Now in all the world can you imagine two happier people anywhere at that moment?

The idea wasn't to break a record or be better than anyone. We just wanted some bondage together. Something we do a lot, because it feels so good....

Well, there it is. Tons of comments to make, but i've worded you enough. i would like to say one thing in closing though...

i feel bad about the number of pictures and the quality of the pictures on this page. It was a lot harder to draw this and there are errors everywhere (teenies shown on when they were off, etc.) This was just too too personal. Each picture took hours to draw, and that's not like me at all. Rob and i did this scene over several times, but needless to say, the spontanuity was lost - and we both knew about the key... (giggle)

One more thing...
Thanks j!

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