shevette at Reds Realm:

T-shirt logo? T-shirt logo? T-shirt logo? T-shirt logo?

Bits and pieces...
Hi it's me, shevette, and i'm doodling...

Still down - computer-net-wise
First the computer died (for a bit), so i had some time on my hands,
then the weather turned nice (think dogwoods blooming...),
and this last week it has turned cold again.

Hey, Mister! Can you help me? My handcuffs are too loose.

A weather report in NC.

So what does one do when the weather is too cold for outdoor bondage? One goes indoors, one draws or doodles, one dreams of getting tied up, of course, silly! giggle

i'm trying to learn a new art style. Of course it's done in 16 colors, but it's not done using outlines. It's a little bit harder, but the quality is better and the pictures stand up to being shrunk better.

Hey, Mister! Can you help me? My handcuffs are too loose.

Of course they are about bondage,
what else?

T-shirt logo?

Sign on a new-wave restroom?

Aren't my legs long enough? Actually the computer is up and running... i just can't access the Internet with it...

i get a lot of my ideas about what to do different in bondage from the Internet - after i adopt what i see there to something more atuned to what Rob and i are willing to do.

Admitedly some of the stuff we do is as wild as all outdoors, but we have our limits, just as i'm sure that you do.

Rob and i have found more than enough to amuse ourselves, but i do miss hearing from all of you, especially Sir Red.

i don't want to lead anyone astray here. While bondage has an undertone in almost everything that we do, i'm not all tied up all day everyday. i am Rob's sub all day and everyday, though. We are a happy couple, and we both credit bondage with a lot of that. It truely is a life-style, -- a good one and a healthy one, too.

You can't go by what you see on the net all the time. Shucks, if you were a fly on the wall during some of the scenes that Rob and i do, you'd swear we were both crazy as all outdoors. We're not. The thing about bondage is that it doesn't look like it feels.

A huge part of bondage is deprivation and another side is letting go and breaking all the rules. That's what makes it so hard to understand and explain. It's really a super-charged way to go. And guess what, sometimes you have to back off! We can't be burning our candles on both ends all the time, right? It's just nice to know that both ends do burn, and that when they do you get twice the light, twice the heat!

Do you like my t-shirt?

Am i recommending you try it?
Yes, even though laws vary from plate to state.
Objects in rear view mirror appear like your hair is always messed up.
Wear at own wrists. Contents may get excited during tying.



i hope you like this!