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How many times have i said that bondage feels good? Too many to count! Here's some news - it doesn't!!! So am i a liar or what? i'm a slave of sorts, but that isn't the point. i'm not a liar though. Think about it, does havinging your hands handcuffed behind your back feel good? Should it? Hard cold steel digging into your wrists?

It does feel good - and it doesn't! Let me explain, let me demonstrate. Someone handcuff my hands behind me - please!

Real - Life

i've been spouting the joys of bondage for years and i wonder if i ever once explained the simple pains that go along with it. Get all tied up and left for just a minute or two and guess what - your thoughts turn to trying to get comfortable! Is this the face we put on for the world to see?

How many women, when they are asked to do bondage with thier lover, think about this?

Probably a lot! And they never try bondage for just that reason - it's gonna hurt!

And how many women who have done bondage never think to relate what it feels like to have the cuffs bite, or the ropes burn?

W H Y ?

Are those of us who have been tied up being mean? Is this the face we are hiding? NO! Bondage just feels so good that we, or at lease i, forget to mention how the arms ache and how much struggeling to get loose, or at least comfortable, wears us out.

The body doesn't remember pain, so you have to forgive us, besides the good feelings far outweigh any minor discomforts. Why am i going into this right now? Why am i asking so many questions this time?

i was cruising Red's Realm and saw some really great photos from Helpless Heroines (great photos BTW) and one kinda struck a chord for me (o032b.jpg). It made me think about this part of bondage that i've never really said a lot about.

Handcuffs hurt - but not a lot. Being tied up on the floor is not comfortable. So why is bondage good? Even without sex?

Sounds like a demonstration is called for!
Hey Rob. Honey i need you to tie me up for the net... (again)

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