The shevette show i'm abslolutely NOT getting loose!

Welcome to the shevette show!

To show you what i'm talking about, i'm getting Rob, my fiancee, to tie me up in a really constraining position. To make it rough enough i'll ask him to please use handcuffs. i'm going to do this a lot meaner than needed because i'm used to bondage and i want to feel the discomfort that someone new to bondage thinks she may feel.

Real - Life
Here's how i'm going to ask Rob to do my hands and arms. This won't be comfy at all, will it?

i won't be able to wiggle out of this - not in a million years... Will a spreader bar be enough for my feet? Newbies don't be alarmed! i want this to be tough on me because in order for me to feel what you think you will feel the first time you are tied up i am going to have j and i made this spreader bar - it is ROUGH on the ankles! to be very severly tied. i like bondage so much that a looser tie will turn me on too quickly and i won't get a chance to feel what you would feel the first time - comfort-wise. i'm sweet, right? i am, i want everyone to try bondage and feel how good it feels - which i'm about to demonstrate.


Not a good first look

  Rough enough? Probably not the best images for someone fifteen minutes into the wonderful world of bondage. Keep in mind that i trust my man 100%, that i'm flexable so the handcuffs on my elbows won't hurt me, that the leg-spreader while most undignifying and uncomfortable is within my limits of what i can stand, and that i have been doing this since my teens (self bondage.)

No, i'm not going to be smiling a bunch here or giggeling. The idea is to be uncomfortable and show you how that is so very easy to overcome.

Next 'm going to put up some pics of my face as Rob attaches a chain between my wrists and the eyelet on the spreader bar. i may not be smiling from ear to ear, but i'm in no danger and Rob isn't going to be doing anything that i don't want him to do. Remember that, please.

Remember too that i am not an actress, a model, or anything like that. i'm just your average woman-next-door. Yes, the woman next door may be doing this at this very minute...

Speaking Rough enough?

i feel him attaching the chain to the spreader bar... He wraps the chain over my wrist chain... He pulls it snug... The final lock snaps shut!
If i wasn't tied up before - i am now!
Trying not to get turned-on...

Gag me please A gag would be nice, not too nice though. A cotton gag, they don't taste so hot, you know what i mean?

i don't think i'll get too relaxed...

And to make matters a little harder - no sex! All i have to go on is being tied up and gagged. Will i overcome the discomfort? Will it feel, in the long run, good?


- R E A D Y -

  Ready! Ok, that's the set up; now to give this to Rob and to await his tender mercies.

Bondage without sex - just getting tied up and seeing what happens - if i open my mind to the joy of bondage.

Ready! MMmmmppph!

The Show

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