The shevette show i'm abslolutely could NOT get loose!

Welcome to the shevette show!

Surprise, surprise! This time it didn't take weeks for Rob to respond. i guess he took so long last time because i had been sick and i was recovering real slow.

Real - Life
i was thinking... From idea... ..and then i was          tied up! reality!

O N E   H O U R ! ! !


Remember the Maine!

  Rough enough? i mean remember the pain...
Ok, the idea for me now is to remember the bad parts of last night - i can do that, i think...

Ok, i had finished the first two pages... Rob was laid back watching the news (we are in the middle of a SEVERE WINTER STORM WARNING that started last night)... i got him and showed him what i had done on the screen... he turned to me... smiled... and told me that he was ready!

As soon as my heart calmed down a bit i told him that i wanted us to do this without sex and that i wanted to try to concentrate on the parts of bondage that might give someone new a hard time. We discussed what we were going to do for maybe five minutes or a tad more.

We got ready and went to the living room. i would be gagged so that meant that Rob wouldn't be able to leave the room for more than a minute at a time. We play cautious when a gag is involved...

Speaking Just like the drawing!

First order of business
see if i can get loose!

Trying not to get turned-on...
see if i can get comfy...

Let me think -      what else can i do???

Now what would a newbie find bad about this? Probably a lot! Let's start from top to bottom:
  • Hair? Hair in my face, mouth, ears...
    It gets in your face and you can't brush it aside? Maybe a newbie would worry about that, want to put it up in a pony-tail or something? No, don't do that. Getting ready for bondage is the same as getting ready for sex (if you have the time - if it's not spontanious.) Be clean, wear the scents, a little make-up whatever your tastes run to. We're all different.
  • The gag. Bondage gear! (Formerly a bandana) What am i saying behind the gag?
    Gags are dangerous! Never wear one when tied up and alone! They taste bad too, and can make you drool. Actually gags don't prevent you from making a lot of noise with your mouth - they just make it so no one can understand you. You can't scream, but you can come close. Guys like them because you look even more helpless (they like that.) i like them sometimes because they allow me to say things that if understood might ruin a scene. i can talk dirty, demand to be let loose, or anything that i want - and still have a good time!
  • Handcuffs on the elbows. To be fair...
    Not for newbies, not for everyone. A lot of people can't touch thier elbows behind thier back. i can and my elbows can be tied together for... i think my best-to-date is four hours, i think that's right. The reason i wore them was to make it more "fair" for the newbies. i'm used to what it feels like to be tied up so i thought a little extra would balance things out...
  • Handcuffs on wrists. Can't get loose.
    i like handcuffs, but a newbie could use silk scarves, leather, rubber, or the ever-poular rope. This is a two way street here; if you want electrical tape then express your point of view. If they hate electrical tape (it has a black goo that gets everywhere) then negotiate it out. i hate most tapes and fishing line or wire is out. i don't need to say this, but if i don't someone could ask...
  • Chain between wrists and spreader bar. Flexable
    Sometimes i think i'm too flexable for my own good! With my hands handcuffed behind me - even with the elbows tied - i can touch my gag - or smoke a cigarette! For me a chain like this is good, i supose. Maybe i was born under a lucky star or something, do you think? i rate being tied up in three catagories; 1) tied up, 2) hands to feet, 3) tied to something...
  • Spreader Bar. OUCH!.
    Don't even ask me why i wanted to have Rob put THE spreader bar on my feet. j and i made it. In a former life it was a broom handle. We added some eyelets to each end and took a cheap pair of handcuffs and spread open a link for each end. We hammered the link shut and invented THE most uncomfortable spreader bar on the planet! Spreader bars are great durring oral sex though - keeps me from sqeezing anyone's head off with my knees...

The Show

NEXT (what happens)

Am i tied up good or what?