The shevette show i'm abslolutely could NOT get loose!

Welcome to the shevette show!

Surprise, surprise! This time it didn't take weeks for Rob to respond. i guess he took so long last time because i had been sick and i was recovering real slow.

Real - Life

From idea...

i was thinking... reality!

O N E   H O U R ? ? ?


Remember the Maine!

  Rough enough? i mean remember the pain...
What can i remember that might be of help to a woman who is considering allowing herself to be tied up for the first time?
  • Was i tied up?
    • Yes! Very much, thank you.
  • Could i free myself?
    • No! Not in a million years.
  • Was i comfy?
    • No! Not even close.
  • Could i force Rob to free me?
    • Snap fingers 3 times
    • "Mmmmph!" 3 times
    • Anything 3 times

    And there was NO way i was going to cheat myself like that!

Speaking Trying to remember it all!

There just has to be a way to get more comfortable!
W H E W !
There just has to be a way to get more comfy...

If i laid on my front too long it made my chest feel tight after a bit, and that wasn't good. On my side was ok, but my ankles were punished by the spreader bar. Laying on my back was really a bad idea, even with my hands held to one side so i didn't lie on them. i could struggle to a kneeling position, but the tendancy was to rest my tail on the spreader bar and that really worked on the ankles!

i can't get comfortable!

i'm sorry folks.No happy ending...The newbies are right - it does hurt,or at least feel uncomfortable,to get tied up.i'm sorry, but i can't lie about it.

After years of spouting off about how great bondage is i had finally come face to face with the truth - it hurts! i would have given anything to get loose, go into the bathroom and have a good quiet cry. i was ashamed of myself. All these years and i had been wrong. i jerked against the chains one more time, they held. It did hurt. Not enough to injure, but enough to feel bad.

i gave up completely. i just laid there and let the pain cover me up - i didn't care. i noticed tears streaming down my face. i was worried about Rob.

i surrendered completely. How was it that bondage had ever felt good? What went wrong? i didn't know and finally i didn't care. My arms relaxed, letting the chains pull them however my limp legs wanted.

i noticed something... when i relaxed the handcuffs and the chains didn't hurt so bad. i guess it was because i was so limp. i waited, time passed. i felt better for sure, but why? It felt hot in all those places that used to respond favorably to bondage and i knew i was wet.

Sure my wrists, elbows, and ankles all hurt and yes the gag in my mouth tasted like dirty cotton, but parts of me felt pretty stimulated.

i had gone into this session with my eye pealed for pain, for the negative side of bondage - and i had found it, very much! That wasn't/isn't the idea though... The idea is to make your life better.

Bondage is great! And if it means a little discomfort then HOGTIE ME! (i already was hog-tied!)

When Rob came over and took off my gag and asked me if i had been crying i told him, "Yes." And when he asked me why i said, "Because i love you so much and because i'm so very happy!"

i LOVE it!!!

The Show


Am i tied up good or what?