A word of warning, i'm no escape artist and i never ever want to be. For some it's fun and while i can enjoy attempting escapes i have accidently escaped in the past and it's kinda ruined the fun.

Meet Rob and shevette A Demonstration! i'm going to demonstrate a simple bondage problem, see if you can figure it out!

Doms this is a good information for you to be aware of, subs this is something you should know. If you know it already that's good, if you don't then maybe this will give your gray matter food for thought...

A re-capture can be fun with the struggle and all, but knowing that i am tied up with absolutely no means of escape is a real high for me - and in the past it has always paid great dividends, not being able to escape, even when i wanted to.

i guess this is one of the reasons why i am among the few who prefer handcuffs and chains as a means of restraint. Please examine the way i am tied up.

  • Handcuffs on hands
  • Leg Irons on feet
  • Chain with one padlock connecting the two

Here's the challenge: for me to get undressed!
Details below...

Holding chain back so detail is revealed. Tiny padlock and doggy chain. Leg irons with chain shown shortened.

All the equipment is real. There are no hidden tricks, no break-away links, and no magic.

Nothing up my sleeves.

i do not have access to anything that can open any of the locks. All locks will remain locked throughout the demonstration.

At no time durring this demonstration will my hands leave my arms. i am not double-jointed although i am very flexable...

Have some fun figuring this out istead of just jumping ahead to the demonstration.

More details: the handcuffs are tighened down all the way until the rachet has run out of teeth. They are not tight on me, but there is no way in this world i could ever escape them, pull my wrists free, or get them off of myself. The same holds true for the leg irons, no way that i can slip them from my feet.
Layout of chain and cuffs.

Both the handcuffs and the leg irons will stay in place and i'm not wearing break away clothing (rip-away maybe, but that's another demonstration).

If anyone tries this at home be sure to do it in the company of an adult that you can trust, be sure this person has the keys, and enjoy it!

(Even if you don't suceed you win, ok?)

Detail of removing chain.
  • Ok, this is a simplified illustration of my hands. The main thing i want you to notice here is the loop.
  • Here i show the chain straightened out to illustrate that the chain is between my wrists.
  • Here i have tucked the chain under on handcuff. There's plenty of slack.
  • Now i loop the chain over my hand. At this point the chain isn't between my wrists any more.
  • All that's left is to slip the chain back under the handcuff, on the outside this time...
Detail of removing chain, feet.




  The story for the feet is the same. Just remember the loop... ..and the fact that the chain is between my legs. Tuck the chain under the inside of the leg iron. Loop over the foot. Pull back under leg iron on the outside.

Easy enough? See, bondage does improve your ability to concentrate and solve real problems!

Now to get my clothes off! Next ----=---- Map Room

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