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Is it love or lust? Does she want marrage or a roll in the hay?





What's it all about???


Bondage has been explained every way that there is to explain it under the sun.
Suppose we girls get together and discuss how it really is - under the sheets!

Love, lust, and bondage, of course!
Hi it's me, shevette, and this is for us gals.

Why would we ever want to be a sub?
It's been a hard day, you've swatted and toiled, now it's time to sit back with a wine cooler
and watch something romantic on TV. Then your Dom wants football... What to do?

Saturday Night

It had been a busy day. i had spent the morning cleaning   house and doing laundry. Rob had taken the truck and gone to pick up fertilizer, then gone to dig a ditch for some pipe his dad wanted. By one in the afternoon he got home. We both went outside to enjoy the weather and do some yardwork.

It turned into a lot of hard work, so we skipped lunch altogether and kept going until we were about bushed. Rob excused me early so i could go inside and fix super while he continued with the heavy stuff.

When i had finished cooking i went to the door and called for him. He came in and grabbed a shower before he ate. i noticed that the sun had already started to give him a yummy tan.

We went in the living room and ate a little. We were both tired and needed to chill. My idea of chilling was to snuggle up against him and his was to have me get him a beer and the remote so he could watch football on TV...

An Evening with Football

Hormones going wild...

If you read the page for the guys then you know all of that. What you might need a hint on was the fact that i was feeling frisky. You probably got that too, and you see why i did what i did, kinda. Allow me to go into a bit of detail, please.

You know what i was faced with. He just wanted to be a couch potato and get completely in the game. i could have just snuggled up and hoped for the best - yeah right! We all know where that would have ended up...

i suppose i could have put on something sexy or even come right out and told him i needed some satisfaction. i've only been married for like a year, but we know the chances on all of that. Sure the woman can make the first move, and sometimes it works. What i did ALWAYS works!

i guess that in a way i have always had a fear of rejection. Maybe that's part of the reason why i went the route that i did, maybe the fact that i like getting tied up played a part too. Read on and i'll ramble a bit, i might even say something useful!

i knew that if i teased enough he'd tie me up! Hey! Gimme some attention!

i decided to tease Rob until he tied me up!

i just leaned up against him (after getting him his beer) and enjoyed myself by feeling his body with my hand. He had on a pair of cut off jeans, so i had access to the hair on his chest. i love a furry chest!

i almost snickered as i began to play with the zipper on his jeans, because he was already into the game and while he wanted to just sit back, relax and watch, he had to contend with me first getting the zipper down and playing with what i found inside.

He kept swatting my hand away, but as soon as he got interested again, then i'd play some more.

About the time i had him hard he looked at me and said, "If you don't stop I'm going to tie you up!"

i grinned back and said, "i know..."

He laughed and had me go get my chains. First he chained my hands behind me, and then my ankles were put in chains.

"Do you think you can be good now?" he asked.

i was in full imp mode by then, so i wrinkled up my nose and shook my head, "No."

Learning to Like Being Tied Up

That sounds out there, it did for me at first. Some of us come to like it on our own, and some grow to love it, and still others find pleasure in doing the tying on your partner...

i can't really speak for anyone but myself, so let me describe what it's like for me...

  • First of all it's 'quiet time'. i get tied up and my responsibilities go out the window! i'm not saying  i want to be tied up all the time and not be responsible all that time, i am an adult!
  • Next there is the escape. i don't mean freeing myself. What i'm talking about here is like number one, but it's more than just not doing, it's being the helpless heroine. It's romantic!
  • There is freedom! Have you ever noticed that when you do one thing the opposite kinda thing just happens? You get tied up and you are more free to be yourself than you ever will be in your entire life!
  • How can anyone do anything if they are all tied up? Again it's the opposite effect in action again. What can you do tied up? Give yourself to your lover - completely! That feels pretty good right there.
  • It's a way to see just exactly how your lover truly feels about you. Does he like your looks? You'll know! Does he respect you? You'll see. The odds are that when he sees you tied up and waiting for him, he will be just as helpless as you are! You will share on a completely honest level.

Rob went and got our 'Kit'

When he got back (it was during a commercial) he flipped me over on my belly and sat down on me. Then he tied my elbows together really tight.

A gag was strapped into my mouth, and i was blindfolded.

He got up and turned around so he was facing the other way and tied my knees together, again, very tightly.

He was trying to pretend that he was punishing me, but we both knew that in truth he was playing.

He made a game out of slapping my behind when his team goofed up and tickling me when they did good.

Never Ending List

When i started composing my little list i had maybe three things on my mind, but as i began typing it in i think i could have gone on and on and on! i won't do that to you dear reader, too much...

How about another list? i'm sure i can keep this one short, i think.

  1. Love
  2. Sex
  3. Lust
  4. Bondage

#2 and #3 are pretty much the same. #1 is endless, we have love of self, love of family, love of fun, a different kind of love for everyone we meet.

Love may lead to sex and hopefully lust, but let's keep our terms straight. 'Making love' is a nice soft way of saying 'having sex', but let's not confuse the issue. 'Having sex' will hopefully lead to lots and lots of lust!

Lust, like love and sex, is hard to define. There an inside part to lust and an outside part to it. Sometimes the outside part can stifle lust, sometimes the inside part. Bondage kind of helps cut through that. We are all sexual beings, and sometimes that's hard to admit to.

Bondage allows me to be helpless to my desires, and that is one heck of a freedom!

All i know is it's the lifestyle that i want

It was turning into an exciting game!

Maybe the part of the story that surprised you the most was where i kept declining when Rob offered to untie me. Very few times have i been tied up by Rob and have him just untie me - we almost always have sex! Hmmm... lust i mean...

If we have sex or lust and i'm still tied up for awhile afterwards, then we usually always have more lust/loving again, and again, and again!

By remaining tied i was telling Rob that if he wanted, i was willing to have more, share more. Was i satisfied after the first time? Sure! Would i have been more satisfied after the second time? Wouldn't you? And there was a second - and a third time!

As you can see, i am a forthright person, outgoing even, some say. Still, it is hard for me to allow myself the lust that i now know resides inside of me. Bondage allows this side to come out of me. More importantly, it allows my lust and my love bth to fully come forth.

i love Rob very much, and he loves me. Something that should normally happen when two people feel that way about each other is they both get a feeling of wanting to do more for the other person, in gratitude, appreciation and love. While i don't think that i will ever be able to show or tell Rob how much i love him, being his sub is another way that i can convey to him a small sampling of the love, respect and trust that i want to share with him.

Hopefully i have said something that you can use. Bondage is not only about lust, it's about love, too!

i enjoyed this...

Suffice it to say that all Rob had time for was to drag me into the bedroom, collect the gear on the floor, and toss that on the bed. He answered the door and it was another football fan. He came in and Rob gave him a beer. Rob said he was hitting the bathroom and came back in the bedroom to see about me. He again offered to untie me, i again declined so i ended up spending the remainder on the evening tied up on the bedroom floor, listening to the game, listening to the two men in the next room, and glad that i couldn't free myself!

Sometimes the best way to get what you want, is to give them what they want... giggle

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