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Me or...What a choice!Football?

Hi it's me, shevette, and this is for the guys.

How to watch football with your sub.
It's been a hard day, you've sweated and toiled, now it's time to sit back with a beer
and watch the old pigskin being tossed around. Then your pesky sub wants some attention... What to do?

Saturday Night

It had been a busy day. i had spent the morning cleaning   house and doing laundry. Rob had taken the truck and gone to pick up fertilizer, then gone to dig a ditch for some pipe his dad wanted. By one in the afternoon he got home. We both went outside to enjoy the weather and do some yardwork.

It turned into a lot of hard work, so we skipped lunch altogether and kept going until we were about bushed. Rob excused me early so i could go inside and fix super while he continued with the heavy stuff.

When i had finished cooking i went to the door and called for him. He came in and grabbed a shower before he ate. i noticed that the sun had already started to give him a yummy tan.

We went in the living room and ate a little. We were both tired and needed to chill. My idea of chilling was to snuggle up against him and his was to have me get him a beer and the remote so he could watch football on TV...

It happened to Darcey London too

i knew that if i teased enough he'd tie me up!

Gimme some attention!

i decided to tease Rob until he tied me up!

i just leaned up against him (after getting him his beer) and enjoyed myself by feeling his body with my hand. He had on a pair of cut off jeans, so i had access to the hair on his chest. i love a furry chest!

i almost snickered as i began to play with the zipper on his jeans, because he was already into the game and while he wanted to just sit back, relax and watch, he had to contend with me first getting the zipper down and playing with what i found inside. He kept swatting my hand away, but as soon as he got interested again, then i'd play some more.

About the time i had him hard he looked at me and said, "If you don't stop I'm going to tie you up!"

i grinned back and said, "i know..."

He laughed and had me go get my chains. First he chained my hands behind me, and then my ankles were put in chains.

"Do you think you can be good now?" he asked.

i was in full imp mode by then, so i wrinkled up my nose and shook my head, "No."

Rob went and got our 'Kit'

When he got back (it was during a commercial) he flipped me over on my belly and sat down on me. Then he tied my elbows together really tight.

A gag was strapped into my mouth, and i was blindfolded.

He got up and turned around so he was facing the other way and tied my knees together, again, very tightly.

He was trying to pretend that he was punishing me, but we both knew that in truth he was playing.

He made a game out of slapping my behind when his team goofed up and tickling me when they did good.

i'd hear the crowd on TV cheer and knew to expect something.
Thankfully his team (now 'our' team) was doing well...

It was turning into an exciting game!

Eventually Rob got back into what was happening on TV. The tickling and spanking dwindled away, and he got back up on the couch.

i was really tied up, gagged, blindfolded, on the floor and turned on! Thankfully, i wasn't hog-tied, at least not yet! i squirmed around until i found Rob's foot and rested my head on it. Then i squirmed some more and managed to get up on my knees. i leaned forward, trying to get as comfy as i could, and realized exactly where my head was. It was in his lap!

This had some definite possibilities!

i mmmphhhed through the gag, and when the next commercial came on Rob took off the gag to see what i wanted. i thanked him, and he asked me if i was going to be good now. i gave him an impish smile, and he started to gag me all over again. It was a delicate balance of being sweet and helpless while managing not to actually promise that i was going to let him watch his game.

i waited until the commercial was over and began exploring in his lap. Thankfully, he wasn't wearing a belt and i had already undone his shorts earlier that evening, so i'd had some practice. i'm sure he wasn't all that far into the game that he couldn't have stopped me. He was getting as interested in what might happen as i was.

There's a special taste the body has when it sweats and then gets all washed off. i was enjoying giving him oral stimulation when half-time must have hit. He got up, grabbed me and put me over the arm of the couch. i was ready when he pulled down my shorts and entered me. Again, he pretended to be cross with me and took me hard and fast!

Being tied up is one thing, having sex is another. Combining the two is, again, something else. By the time half-time was over i was a happy camper! Rob offered to untie me, but i declined thinking about later...

i was laying on the floor at his feet on my stomach and so content that i was beginning to doze off.

Then someone knocked on the door!!!

i enjoyed this...

Suffice it to say that all Rob had time for was to drag me into the bedroom, collect the gear on the floor and toss that on the bed. He answered the door, and it was another football fan. He came in, and Rob gave him a beer. Rob said he was hitting the bathroom and came back in the bedroom to see about me. He again offered to untie me. i again declined, so i ended up spending the remainder of the evening tied up on the bedroom floor, listening to the game, listening to the two men in the next room and glad that i couldn't free myself!

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