Tie me up and gag me! PLEASE!

Meet Rob and shevette! The old shevette show set!

i'd like to talk just a minute about gags,
while i can!

A gag is no joke!


A gag is no joke!
They are a quandry though. On one hand they are uncomfortable, taste bad, and require caution. On the other hand they do provide another whole demension of freedom (because when i'm wearing one i can say anything i want to say), guys say they look great, they do provide another way to submit, and they enlarge the bondage experience.

i used to hate gags, but i am slowly becoming a big fan. i guess the reason i didn't like then years ago was because they scared me. i mean there is a chance on choking on one, but that's taken care of by a watchful partner. i didn't like the taste at all, but the worst part was the fear factor.

Losing my ability to scream worried me a lot more than i thought it would. It's funny how that works, you lose something that you take for granted and whoops no safety net! Yowie!

Now the scary aspect is about as much fun as having the freedom to shout into my gag whatever i want.
And there's tons of things that i could say (y'all know me, giggle), but instead let me get to the point
(said like there is a gag sitting beside my desk with my name on it - and there is.)

Gag me, please!
Cleave gag Over mouth gag
Ball gag Ball gag improved Fancier Gag with harness
Hood with gag Hood with gag and blindfold Hood with nose holes

Face with nose, eyes, & mouth. Now for my very own design ideas...
A gag like a handcuff for the mouth This first one is inserted in the mouth,then a key allows it to expand by a spring to a point where it can't come out.

It locksTo remove it use the key which will allow it to collapse.

Here's another idea of mine. It holds the mouth shut
The idea this time is to force the mouth to stay shut.
(Added bonus - no bad taste!) Improved
Final version - all versions untested. Final design
If anyone would be interested in making one of these,
i'd be glad to test it! (Hint, hint)
Prototypes may be shipped to:
Red Daly
17 East Bridge Street
Westbrook ME 04092
for forwarding to shevette for testing.

The concept of a gag is good... ..but the technology has not kept up.

Not complaining. We subs don't do that! What i am proposing here is a challenge! We have all sorts of people into bondage so let's bring the gag up to the same technological level of handcuffs!

i bet all of you thought i was going to just draw up a bunch of pictures with gags in them and shout about the virtues of gags - you should know better by now! giggle

What i am preposing is that we all put our heads together and devise the supreme gag. We don't have to make it, just devise it, somebody is sure to jump right in making them and selling them...

Of course, if you can make them,
we can probably distribute them for you
right here, thru the Realm!

Speaking of toys, Red's got a nice set of crops in the corner that he might part with cheap.
If you're interested, email him.

i sure could use a custom built gag right now...
Don't think that i am complaining...

Any gag in a storm

A gag, used safely, is like wine; that is, any port in a storm will do...

Click on picture to see full sized version.

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