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Reds-Realm of Romantic Restraint
with official resident subbie shevette
Story by shevette

i wake up. It's like any other time i begin to wake up, but that doesn't last for long...

My skin is chilled and i groggily reach for the blankie. It's not there. Rob, my Master isn't there! And i am not in bed! My yes pop open and i look around taking inventory. There's not much to see. Everything is yellow! i'm on a huge yellow plain, or i guess it's huge, there's no sky, no horizon, nothing to get my bearings from. It's like a dream.

Quickly i take a look at my wrists, they are free. Ok, so it's not going to be that kind of a dream. Hopefully i look at my feet. Yep, they aren't tied either. Oh well, a girl can only hope.

It's not really chilly or anything, now that my blood is circulating i'm not cold at all. That's a good thing because i'm in my night clothes - a t-shirt and panties. That's country-speak for lingerie. i have on some socks, that's country speak for winter bed wear.

It's how i remember going to sleep. This should be a dream because of the surroundings i am looking at, yellow everywhere. It doesn't feel like a dream though, exactly, i feel more 'here'. i can't remember very many times where i've had a dream where i woke up chilly - i don't remember very many dreams where i remember it starting with me waking up.

What to do? i could just roll over and fall back asleep. Is it safe to do that in a dream? i don't think it's like that thing where if you dream you are falling and you don't wake up before you hit the bottom then you really die. Going to sleep in a dream must mean something. All i can think of right now is it must mean the dream is really boring!

Maybe i can conjure up my Master and play games with him. That sounds good, but when i try nothing happens. i remember him, but he's not here, he's just a ghost of a dream of a shadow. Well, this is no fun - and the worst part is i'm too wide awake to fall back to sleep. This is terrible, there's nothing to do! Wait! i see something, over there.

Whatever it is it's right at the edge of my vision. i sure don't know what it is or even how big or far away. i stand up and from the way my perspective on the object changes i can tell it's not far away. A quick look around to be sure there isn't anything where i'm at confirms that this universe only contains two things in it; me and what ever i can see over there. i start walking and it's not long before i walk up on what i've been seeing.

i laugh for a minute when i make out what the object is. It's a pair of shiny handcuffs! Maybe this is a dream after all. Ok, so what happens now? This should be the point there someone shows up. i mean i can wear handcuffs all by myself, but it's a lot better when someone puts them on me! Queue Master Rob...

i look around again, no Master. Shucks, if this is a dream and Master isn't going to come and visit then someone should. Where's j? Where's Sir Red? Yum, been having great dreams about Sir Red for some time now. We don't do anything too much, but just being with him leaves me all warm and toasty inside. i guess i get that from the way his letters leave me. No, it's not that. His site does that to me too, and that's out there for the whole world to see. It is very decorated up with shevette stuff though, that's enough to make any girl feel really special, if it was decorated up for her. That still isn't what makes my Sir Red dreams so great though; it's the way he deports himself. He's every inch a man, and very much a true Master.

i pick up the handcuffs and something else a ways off catches my eye. i look where the handcuffs were to see if i see a key or not, there isn't one. Ok object number two, i guess it's time to see what you are!

i start off in the direction of this new sighting and look back in my mind to kind of keep track of where i am in relation to the spot where i woke up. i can't be sure, but i'm going in a fairly straight line. As i get closer to object two i can see red and black. If i'm not mistaken it's a ball gag. Bondage gear is great, but how about some people to interact with?

It is a ball gag. i pick it up and see that it's a very nice ball gag. It even has a locking buckle. i wish i could find a good one like this in the real world. Still no key, if i had a key i might be tempted to put some of this stuff on. Wouldn't make much sense though, because i couldn't get it off again, not that it'd matter in a dream. i see a third object and start walking towards it as i remember going shopping for some leg irons. i had hunted everywhere and finally found some. The bad news was they were broken. One cuff worked fine but the other one wouldn't close. The salesperson had tried to make it go on a wrist before realizing that if the errant cuff ever did close it might not open again. We had both laughed over the commotion that would have caused.

The third object turns out to be leg irons - exactly what i was thinking about. "Houston, i think we have proof of a dream in progress." i say aloud and giggle. But it doesn't sound like me in a dream. It comes out kinda shrill and small sounding and there's like an echo. i kinda shiver for a second wondering just exactly what's going on.


Sir Red sits in the control room and checks 'leg irons' off of his master list. This is going rather well. She has already gathered enough gear to tie her up with very well. He's satisfied, but hopes that she will make a perfect score. What he has planned could be a lot of fun provided everything goes off right.

He looks at the list even though he has everything already set to memory. Still, it's good to have a visible point of reference to work from. She still has to find the collar, the leash, and the pair of padlocks. Then she has to find the cell that cost a lot more than he thought it ever would. At that point things could go a lot of different ways. She could just drop what she's found and run, which wouldn't be too much fun. He was sure he could corner her long enough to talk her into wearing what she'd found. The real fun would be if she goes into the cell on her own - hopefully deep enough into the cell where the remote cell door closer could be used without fear of her getting caught between the cell door and the cell itself - that would be the worst case scenario for sure. She wouldn't be hurt or anything, but she'd be on the defensive and alarmed. That would spoil everything.

He checks the monitor again. She was a lot further along than he figured she'd be by now. She's a mess, she's just running along picking up gear now. Wait, she stopped! She's looking mighty hard at something. Sir Red checks his monitors to be sure, but he is fairly certain that she must be in a spot where she can make out the walls of the warehouse. The whole idea of getting fancy with the yellow plain idea had seemed far fetched at the time when he had started setting this all up, but there had been a band using the building and it had been their equipment that covered the rafters with smoke so they couldn't be seen. They had been using red lights to make the whole warehouse look like an inferno. A few new lights had changed the color to the same color as his site, pale yellow.

There was nothing new visible, she had gotten close enough to the walls to begin to see dim outlines of them. He laughed to think what must be going through her mind about right now. He watched closely and silently urged her on. Getting her to pick up the various pieces of bondage gear had been a little gamble, he'd felt pretty sure that she'd do that. If she began to act a little flighty at this point he had already decided to use 'the Voice' on her.

With all of the equipment the band had in place it didn't take long to create a special voice that would play all across the building. It was just soft enough to not be anything that'd scare her and it was just omnipotent enough to make almost anyone do what it said to do and with twenty speakers to put out the sound with around 1,000 watts of power the hardest thing to do was going to be using it without getting excited. Women respond to calmness better than a voice that sounds shaky or overly demanding - no matter how omnipotent it sounded otherwise.

She was moving again in the right direction. He smiled and thought about how much spunk the girl had.


The box is hot and not very comfortable either. Rob is about to call Red on the walkie talkie they had set up when Red calls first. "You ready?"

Rob smiles sarcastically to himself. He had been in the box almost for an hour already. "Yes, i'm very ready, still. Where is she?"

"She just picked up the last item. You're on next." Red reports with more than a little excitement registering in his voice.

Rob breathes a sigh of relief. What was supposed to happen next was his wife, loaded down with bondage gear, is supposed to spot the cell he was in. In the cell is a cot which looks like it was built-in with some sort of storage locker under it. That is the box that Rob is hiding in. The hope is that when shevette gets to the cell she will go in and have a look-see. She would have loved having a cell of her own and if somehow he had ever been able to provide one for her it would have been next to impossible to get her back out of it for at least a month!

She is a trip. Loves her bondage, takes her servitude seriously, and really goes in for the long term stuff. It's been her dream for over a year now and she has hinted at finding some way of doing a full 30 days of bondage and to her that means being tied up in some fashion for the whole time.

"Get ready, I think she sees the cell. Moment of truth." Red says through the ear plug in Rob's ear.

Moment of truth indeed. Rob is hoping that she will come into the cell on her own. That will make things a lot simpler. The last thing either Rob or Red want is to ruin the surprise. Rob peeps through the crack in the box. She's out there! His breathe grabs at his chest. It's a tense moment for all three people. Will she enter on her own or not? If things go according to plan she will come in, the cell door will shut and she'll be locked in the cell. Red will give her some time to adjust and then talk her into using the gear she has found, hopefully she'll tie herself up and then the lights will go off. That will be the cue for Rob to silently emerge from the box and go to his wife and make love to her.

That part will be a little touch and go. If she seems to respond well to it then she should have a submissive's true climax. She will submit to her own body because she won't know who it is making love to her. If she begins to freak out then Rob will have to talk to her enough so that she can recognize his voice, then she'll be available for an extended 'Rob's sub' climax. Good, but not as good as making her submit to the hands of a nameless stranger.

"The human mind is a strange thing." Rob thinks to himself. He chuckles silently. "It's strange enough to imagine what drives her, but what is making me want to do this? - besides the fact that I know she will be so happy... That's enough though. I guess that's why Red is in on this too."

He sees her walking towards the cell. She's admiring it! She stops at the cell door and looks in for a second. She re-arranges the gear in her arms and grabs the cell door. She shakes it, checking it's strength and integrity. It's as solid as a rock. She walks in boldly and sits in the middle of the cell facing the door.


"All the comforts of home. A room in which to stay. It's warm. Toys to play with and to be amused by. My thoughts to keep me company and the time to enjoy all of this" i think to myself. i hear a noise and it's the cell door closing in on me! i'm sitting cross legged so there's not enough time to get up before it closes. i hear it lock.

By this time i am on my feet and at the cell door. i test it and it is indeed locked, it's also very stout and there's not a thing in the world i'll ever be able to do to open it up. i check the cell bars and they are well braced and solid. There isn't enough room to squeeze between them so that pretty much synchs it, i'm a prisoner! Finally!

"Hello?" i call out. Again it comes in that voice that's mine, but doesn't sound like i usually sound. Added to that i sound kinda helpless now too. Maybe it wasn't such a very good idea to walk into this cell after all. At the time it had seemed like the whole point. It was here for a reason. The reason i had been sure of, the person wasn't so obvious - until now. Now i know this cell is here for me!

A tremble finds it's way along my body. i turn back to the center of the cell where i have laid the bounty of bondage gear that i have found. Obviously it had been put out for me to find. Had i been the good sub or the foolish girl? Is there much difference? Heck yes there is! i am proud to be a sub i confirm to myself.

i smile slightly. If i had the keys to that stuff i'd put it all on right now. I guess that's the difference. Being a good sub i want all of it on me, i want to be helpless. Not being a foolish girl i know better than to lock handcuffs on myself - if i don't have the keys. Maybe i should be both; a good sub AND a foolish girl? No, no one ever is entitled to that much luxury in this world. Isn't that a shame...

"Put them on, put them all on!" a voice says.

i jump and look around. At last, someone is here besides just me! Where'd the voice come from though? It was male and it sounded like it came through some kind of super-duper sound system. No one has a voice that sounds like that! Of course the idea of no human sounding like that has some far reaching implications...

"I told you that you should tie yourself up with what you have found." says the voice from on high.

"Hello?" i call back. "Can you hear me?"

Nothing. Evidently this is going to be a one way conversation. Who could it be? i just have to be dreaming. Ok, what does the foolish girl do in a situation like this, so i can do the reverse? Maybe i should just go into full sub-mode and start obeying? Did i say full sub or air-head mode?

"You will not be released from this cell until you have proven that you can follow instructions. Once you have tied yourself up I will talk to you and later I will release you."

As little sense as that makes, it does have a certain ring of truth to it. i am already a helpless prisoner. It makes little difference if i am locked in a cell or if i am tied up - and locked in a cell. i can't get out on my own, so the logical thing to do would be to comply with who ever had control over the cell door. They can close it so maybe they can open it - i sure can't, not now.

Handcuffs, gag, leg irons, collar, a leash, and a pair of padlocks should be more than enough to tie myself up with. There's no such thing as a free lunch, is there? i separate the gear and try to figure out how i could use all of it and still be able to escape.

"Put the gag on first." the voice calmly instructs.

"Face it girl," i tell myself, "with all of this gear you aren't getting loose on your own - no more likely than you are going to force the cell door open." i put the red ball in my mouth and secure the strap behind my head. Already i feel defeat. Slowly the voice guides me through the process until i am wearing the leg irons, my hands are handcuffed behind me, the collar is around my neck locked with one of the padlocks to the leash with the other end of the leash wrapped around one of the cell bars and locked with the other pad lock. i'm doing all of this to myself for the promise that i will be released after the owner of the Voice talks to me. What would have happened if i hadn't found the handcuffs to begin with, if i had just rolled over and gone back to sleep. One thing is for sure, i know now that this isn't any dream - handcuffs don't feel like this in my dreams...

i'm about to congratulate myself for at least not finding any blindfolds when the lights go out!

Southern country sleep wear -
winter sleep wear. The gag is not as tight as if some one put it on me, not even as tight as i'd put one on myself. i don't think i can get it out of my mouth, even if i had both hands free to try to tug it out. I guess you'd call it a silent protest. The leg irons are loose too as well as the handcuffs. i tried to make it look like the padlocks were locked when they weren't, but the Voice wasn't buying it. i might still be able to free myself. The question is; when do i try to do my escape? It wouldn't do much good until i am certain that the cell door is open. Maybe in the amount of time it takes for the door to open and get to me i can slip the handcuffs. Handcuffs do make a nasty weapon at close range. No matter how loose the leg irons i don't think i'd be able to slip my feet free and the gag is ify, but doesn't matter anyway - they won't affect my ability to get out of the cell door - if i can.

As soon as i hear it open i can try to get loose, if i don't wait until then who ever is headed here isn't going to open that door for me. More than likely they will be carrying a flash light or more likely they will just... what's that noise?

A hand touches my leg! It's on! Somehow i didn't hear the door open. It's now or never! i pull on the handcuffs as hard as i can - but the hands find my arms and pin them together. i am stretched as i feel one hand tighten down the handcuffs on my wrists completely. My heart is pounding. What next? Kicks! i kick out at my dark attacker. i feel his knee between my legs and he stands on the chain between my ankles. i'd rather try and fail than never try at all. There isn't much that i can do as the hands go over my body, finding my restraints and tightening them down like i know they should be.

i am forced to my knees and my legs are pulled back, i am pushed so i have to lean into the cell bars and my head is between them. The hands push up my t-shirt and find bare bosom beneath. The hands are warm and moist as am i. i struggle as the hands take unwanted liberties with me. There's no hope, no escape, there's just getting it done and wanting it to be over. i cry and pray for darkness, numbness, sleep. My body is responding as it has been trained to do. i am a sub. Not this person's sub, but my body doesn't know that.

My hard nips are pinched until they hurt and then the hands find my panties and push them down. Not much longer and it will all be over. Why couldn't it just be a dream? How will i explain this to Master Rob? Will i ever see him again? How did i get here in the first place? Think of other things... This has just got to be a dream. i don't want to be violated, i don't want to be unfaithful to my Master and i know my body is already way turned on. i know i will submit even though i don't want to - not to anyone except my chosen Master! Go numb! Please let me pass out! Oh please let me pass out!

"shevette, it's me!" i hear Rob say.

Is it over? Am i safe now? It feels like i am still all chained up in the cell - i am! It is Master! It isn't a dream! It isn't a kidnapping, it's a very realist kidnapping scene! He's arranged all of this - just for me!

"Oh Master! Do me! Do me hard! Oh Master i love you!" i cry out happily as Master shakes me. i was worried about my body being ready before, but now it's all alright!

"Hey! Are you awake? That's some dream you're having! You ok?" Master asks me concerned.

i open my eyes and look around in the dim light of the bedroom. i look sheepishly at my Master embarrassed by what i had been dreaming. "Master, i just had the hottest dream, take me now and i will tell you all about it afterwards. i need you now, please!.."

He smiles and i bite back into the pillow as he mounts me. i'll tell him all about the dream after we are done and he unties me. i am tied up just like in the dream... just like when i went to sleep... just like i asked for... just like he likes it...

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