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"i've got mail"!
Hi it's me, shevette, and this is some mail that i got recently...

Computer going again... kinda
This computer reminds me of the cartoon where some hillbillies are milking a cow with one leg amputated so they could eat some steak. (One leg gone, three to go, and still milking it!)

Words to shevette...

i get the bestest mail!

Subject: Help Wanted

Shevette; Tell me the fastest way to have my girlfriend hogtied. How can I tie her hands behind her back if I don't have handcuffs? I mean fast! And after all, I don't want her to kick me, so I wanna tie her ankles together too. Which is the fastest way for this? Please tell me step-by- step. Thanks


Well gee, all of us know the answer to that!

First you get her flowers - and candy (don't forget the candy! Chocolate!) and if there's a war going on try silk stockings i hear...

i'm just joking, sorry. i am going to assume that she's a willing partner and that the two of you have talked this over and what you are really saying is, "How fast can a person find themselves in a hog-tie?"

Actually this is an interesting question. Upon reading it i decided to get with Rob and perform some experiments! ..for the sake of science, of course!

i think that it was John Willie that addressed the question of exactly how little does it take to imobilize a woman. i hear that he got tying hangs down to 2 1/2 inches of strong string (by tying her thumbs together.)

Speed. And without handcuffs!

Either sex is a part of bondage or bondage is a part of sex, and we don't usually want to rush either of them. The thought of going from everyday freedom to being helplessy tied up, very quickly, can be a turn-on though. It keeps me on my toes, let me tell you that much!

Everyone ought to know that!

This will take some thought...

Bondage - Speed trials today

What if i don't qualify???

i remember seeing this commercial for Pincheo on tv once. Pinocheo was played by some woman, i don't remember her name, but in the commercial she was having her hands tied very quickly.

i was very young at the time, but i remember it excited me and i can still picture it in my mind. Will i have to do extra 'laps'?

Down and dirty hog-tie.

Ok, i did this once, but the file got lost so this time i'll just show you. First there will be some pics of traditional tying and then there will be the pics of what Rob and i did. Actually we did it four times - and had a ball doing it! We would have tried it more, but then i noticed that Rob had me tied up and you know how that goes... giggle

(Bondage is more than just getting tied-up!)

Ready??? i have the hands, you got the rope?? Come to me! Ahhh, hold me tight! Yas! Each loop between tightens... Don't ever let me 'escape'! Now that wsn't so hard! Let's practice on my elbows too. Not everyone can have their elbows tied. It can cut off circulation. Let's do the knees, please. i love them real real tight! Cross-tie on the feet.
Neatness counts!

..And that is general knot tying (hands. elbows, knees, and feet.)

Now let's go for speed!

Being a sweet sub waiting to get tied.
A rope is thrown over my shoulders!
i am pushed to the floor!
Rope is looped over my feet!

Which at his point you've got it in the bag. With two knots and 30 seconds you have a hog-tied girlfriend!

NOTE: The above diagram is to let you see how the rope goes. Do not actually do it like this; instead, wrap rope around one foot and draw up to where you want it (don't get it too tight), then wrap other foot and draw up even with the first one. Otherwise you may have a rope-burn condition.

Add more rope and gag as needed...

Add extra rope (and knots) as needed. Be careful of rope burns and remember, it all starts with flowers (and candy!)

Map Room Picture

i hope i have answered his letter...

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