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Surely you will take something,
show me my helplessness? What is she up to now?


tells the truth...
as a good sub should

Welcome to Red's Realm! Hi! shevette here and this is a thought i had while drawing the picture above for Sir Red.

i thought that it was something important for the Doms out there to be aware of....
but first some background...

As you may know, Sir Red and i are married, but not to each other. Allow me to take a second to thank my husband and his wife for allowing us to be friends. i know we flirt around, and are really close to each other (Sir Red and i), but we are in fact friends and not lovers, nor will we ever be. In another life, under different circumstances we may have, but that is not the case. i do love Sir Red, hope that he loves me, but not in the sense that it may sometimes look like.

i have been drawing the splash page for his site ever since the site moved to it's new home, and i love doing that. It seems that each time i draw a new splash page i draw us closer and closer together. i admit that i like that fantasy of me visiting and being his sub on the net. i enjoy indulging my desire to be a complete sub, so the pictures i draw mean a lot to me. Whenever i find myself unable to think of something to draw, i just draw something where we are together. It's just fantasy, just fun, just bondage.

Can't 'cha see it in my face?

As i was drawing this, the faces just sort of evolved, and i noticed how Sir Red looked very satisfied with himself, and i looked kinda like i wanted something. i thought about that for awhile, because it hit a chord with me, one that was burried in memories from long ago...

Here's the situation it reminded me of... i have allowed myself to be tied up, and while being tied up is very nice, it's not the living end, not all the excitement it could be...

i'm not talking about love here, ok? What could be better in this world than love? Can't think of a thing...

What i'm talking about is the silly idea that
most men have that we are so dog-goned fragile!

See it in my eyes?

What i'm talking about is...
well, sometimes when a girl gets all tied up,
just maybe she wants to have something taken from her!

i regret that i only have one virginity to give, but, gee whiz, there's more... i have more than just that to give, more than that to be taken! Yas! i said take!

Take what i really want to give... please! i mean sweet surender is a wonderful thing to give, but it's nice, sometimes, to have it taken from me! Am i ringing any bells here? Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying r*pe me (well, a pretend r*pe can be nice) or abuse me (come to think of it, that can sometimes be kinda nice too), but make me do something that maybe i don't exactly want to do, maybe. (Sigh, i know i'm gonna have to make up an example now...)

Ok, let's try this: i'm all tied up, turned on, and ready for some heavy-duty love-makin'. Take that from me! i mean, just leave me alone for a bit, don't make love to me. Later, when you come back and finally do make love to me, i'm gonna love it all the more!

Example #2: i am hesitant to perform oral sex, but say that sometime i'd like to give it a go. Well sometime force me to do it! Really! If i can't take it, i can always use my safe word, right? i could bite it off, right? You could detect that the time is not right and stop that part of the scene on your own (the most desirable response, if i'm about to call out the safe word.) If i can overcome my own shyness and do it, then i have had a breakthrough, and i'll love you for it!

Just some thoughts that ran through my head as i was drawing, ok?
i believe in reporting this stuff as quick as i notice it Sirs and Ma'ams...

For us subs, and i include myself, let your lover know what you'd like to try, what your fantasies are, and don't be surprised if they make your dreams come true!

Your Master or Mistress really does want to make you happy, no matter how much you resist! giggle

Don't make the mistake of crediting them with the wisdom of the Gods, though. They are still just humans. Sound like confusing advice? Well talk to them. If they don't have the answer, they will at least try to find it or work it out with you - but that's love, and i said i wasn't going to talk about that - this time...

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