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Welcome to my first site review!
Why a review and not an interview? Because i just had to get this up fast for all of you to see!

New man on the bondage horizon...
In the first part of the Red's Realm interview i showed some work that had been sent in to me. At the time the artist wanted to be anonymous. i wondered why he didn't want people to know who he is so i sugested that he start up his own site at Geocities.

He wrote back that he had finally gotten his own site and wanted a link. Before i exchange links with anyone i check out what i'm promoting. When i got to his site i was very pleasantly surprised!

Not only was the art as good as his first two examples - it was better! AND the site is magnificent! Very professionally done! He says he is just now learning HTML, but his site looks like something straight out of Madison Avenue! Good links, layout AND art!

i saw the picture below and asked if he would let me display it and if he'd write me a paragraph about himself. Here's what i'm raving about along with his first two pictures...

rouge.jpg 262X254 (shown enlarged X2)

This is the paragraph you asked, I hope it's not too bad, I'm not good in writing.

I am a new artist. I deal with bondage and fantasy related subjects. I have a site that has been working since the last days of last year. There I show some of my work,and the work of other artists, whose the work I appreciate. I have also included a section about people who live their lives according to their passions and desires. In a few words, I try to gather together what I believe is best from around the net and display it all in one place. The site is always under construction, as I try to keep adding everything good I come across, every chance I get.

Well, that's it Shevette. Feel free to make any changes if you think they are needed. My native language is not english, so I may have mistakes. Do anything you believe is required. For anything else, let me know, I'll do what i can to help you.

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If you only visit ONE new site today, visit his!

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