Rant.... About this page: This is my Hands Front Page. All the pictures on this page show women with their hands handcuffed in front of them - that makes these pictures kinda rare. First off, some people aren't like me, they don't like handcuffs - unlike rope they aren't usually found in the home, they can be expensive, and you have to go to a store to buy them (to get goods ones) and the sales clerk will know why you are buying them (which can be a lot of fun!)

Second note: Finding picture of hands in front is not as easy as it might sound. i've got tons of pictures with hands in back, but i decided to go for the harder to find hands in front pictures. They let you see the handcuffs and how they are worn, and you get to see the faces too, and no one has to get all twisted around.

The background: It's composed of many pics from the net. Some are from television shows, tempting the masses with a glance of what bondage looks like, there's Sara and Sheena from SWEETTIES doing a thing i showed them with handcuffs (both hands in one cuff - both women in one set of handcuffs), there's a picture of a woman in See-in-the-dark handcuffs representing how bondage has become so popular, a couple of pictures from various sites for people who want to see women tied up, and one highly modified picture inspired by the Wim Rumpling site of a girl at a picnic that he got to pose in handcuffs - just good family fun, mom!

Welcome to the shevette show!
Bondage RANT...

Real - Life

Rant about bondage See what i'm wearing?

Awww... Do i hafta do this again? i guess so. Someone is reading this so i guess it still needs to be explained.

On the net i'm now known as shevette and i do a lot of promoting bondage. At one time i promoted bondage because i still had misgivings about it. i knew it was good for me, but so many people kept talking like there is something wrong with it, there's not - as long as you do it right. Uph... did that just sound like rules were involved? i don't want it to sound like that, in fact i'm not going to give any rules here. i'll just state my experiences and let you make up your own rules, if you see a need for rules.

Think back to the early teen years with me. i'm daddy's little princess and i'm finally getting to stay up late and pick the movies i'm going to see. i'm learning that the adult movies are the ones where someone gets killed. The first time i see someone kill someone else on purpose is kinda sickening, but i learn that the idea is not to dwell on the loss of life. The stories and centered around finding who did it and bringing them to justice. The dead person is dead so that's the end of the story for them.

Now we have the stories where there's someone getting tied up. Maybe they get killed, maybe they escape, maybe they are rescued. The ones where they get killed just make me sad or sometimes mad. The ones where they escape educate me on what to do if i was in that predicament. The ones where i am rescued kinda stir things in my young body and make me feel kinda gushy.

It's all pretty much the same for everyone. i have my nice dreams where i am tied to the mast of some olden pirate ship and being threatened by a pirate captain with an evil laugh - and along comes Mr. Right to slay off the evil pirate, rescue me, and hold me in his arms, protecting me in an oh so warm and wonderful way. And then i wake up and have to go to the potty because i'm kinda wet. i wonder about that and realize that it feels kinda nice. i am flowering into womanhood. i begin trying to have more dreams like that.

The next movie i watch the woman is not rescued, she is raped and beaten and killed. No more story for her. Instead her brother seeks revenge by blowing up southern California or something. Still, i dream of being her and i wake in the midle of the night touching myself between the legs. It feels good, but what does it mean?

From the movies i have to surmise that getting tied up means i could get rescued or dead. Getting tied up means you don't get to control the outcome. Would i want to risk my life to obtain that feeling of being tied up? Something about dimenishing returns in math class. Not worth the risk. Better to play it safe, but i can tie myself up, right?

Then came the experiments into forbidden territory. Doing things i'd never want anyone to know about. Things that, if my folks found out, would make me want to die right on the spot. i did them anyway, because they felt so good.


i had taken a turn from the other girls my age. When you a teen it's very important to do the same things everyone else does. Here i was sleeping with a piece of rope hid under the mattress that i would sneak out and wrap around my wrists so those good feelings would start and i was the only girl in the whole world that did that (i thought.) Time to get back into what everyone else was doing.. Guys were beginning to look better every day, especially the older ones - the ones in the higher grades.

Dressing better, wearing make-up, fixing my hair became more important. Done right they could lead to a date, maybe a date with some of the guys at school who were... dreamy. Throw away that rope and give me my hair brush. i just had to start dating. i put aside the toys of my childhood and strove to become a woman. Though sometimes, late at night, i would have those dreams...


i was a woman. My virginity was out of the way and i had a choice of dates. i had been in puppy-love and was ready to move on. The guys were still imature though there were some older ones that liked me. i had gone out with some, much to the discomfort of my folks. Having sex was just that. Some did it good and some didn't. The idea of learning how to do it better was foreign to me. You just did it and if it wasn't good then you didn't bother with that guy again. Yes, there were heart throbs around, but i was experimenting with what i could do, as a woman.

YEARS LATER Rant...rant..rant.

i discovered something important. We all learn things as children, but at different ages things have different meanings. i learned there were other people out there and they were just as anxious about having a full life as i was. They were ready to try new things - and the only way to try new things is to be open-minded. The climate was right for my bondage desires to come to the fore again. i found people who knew about it and found it fun to do or, at least, something to not make fun of. People who did not have a need to put down the people who liked it.

Was i ready? The desires sure were, but i had to get myself straight first. i had to accept the fact that i didn't want to be tied up and beaten to death. That was easy enough. Bondage had to be turned into something positive. In a way this was easy too and in another way it wasn't. There are two basic kinds of bondage; the kind the police use to transport a prisoner, and the kind two lovers use as a game. There's the kind where a dictator imprisons people, where a rapist abducts his victum. There's the kind of bondage where a young man ties up the woman of his dreams and tickles her until she can't stand it any longer, where a woman gives herself completely to the man she loves.

To have the proper mindset i had to be aware of how to do bondage safely and i had to keep my mind focused on doing that. It meant i had to work at it. For something this good, this satisfying i was willing.

There were other things i had to learn. Just because i liked bondage did not mean a lot of things i thought it did. i wasn't really kinky - which was and is something i kinda liked the sound of - being called kinky - to me it meant sexually daring/active/innovative/knowledgable. Oh well, bondage as it turns out is just normal - not the missionary position, mind you, but not way way out there. i had to learn that because i like bondage i have no desire to be hurt/humiluated/put down/used/abused.

Probably the hardest thing to learn was to be proud to be who i am. i found out that i am (what i call) a slave. In my teen years i would have complained that if God had made me to like bondage, why didn't He make me a top? Now, i thank the Lord that he made me a bottom - Rob does too. i do like to give, give of myself, that satisfies something inside of me.

i thought i had learned these things, but, like i said,
in different ages things have different meanings.

When i found the net i hit it with a passion. i had spent many years repressing my desire for bondage and i used the net to vent my pent up emotions. i had lost time that i will never get back and i felt strongly about that, one might even say angry.

i felt like it was the fault of other people that i had missed those years, but that is wrong - and even if it wasn't, i still had only myself to blame. You can't blame the crowd or even another person, just yourself, because you are the only one you can teach to do better, like you want to do.


Now i consider bondage to be like a secret. If you are bold enough to try it, like a sane person, then you will reap the rewards. And what wonderful rewards bondage has to offer, for me. Why just me? Because i do bondage in an open, honest, and positive way. Probably anything you do in an open, honest, positive way has rich rewards to offer, i guess. i do know that bondage does, and it answers something inside of me, something at the very core, something rooted as deeply as sex, maybe even deeper.

So don't ask me to appoligize for feeling good about being tied up. Don't ask me to feel bad because i want to be some kind of a slave. For me, bondage is a done deal. i like it - now let's find something else to talk about. i refuse to feel guilt about it and i hide it only because it may not be appropriate for everyone. i'd like for everyone in the world to try it, but if some people don't then i won't put them down and i'll try not to look at them like i thought people used to look down on those of us into bondage.


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