Snow in NC! i said that i was back in my news letter and i am!



Tuesday January 18, 2000


[THE BAD STUFF] i've been beating my brains out doing a new report for the show, been sick, been beat up by school, but the times they are a changin'!

[THE GOOD STUFF] Rob and i did some GREAT bondage involving getting locked in a closet (see DEMONSTRATION here!) Then yesterday i got up all ready for school and found out they were honoring Martin Luther King jr's birthday so i got an extra day to myself. Got all rested up and happy. Then this morning i get up to get back to the grind, happy, refreshed, but still a world of work standing before me...

i had heard that it might snow, but sluffed that off as the usual tripe from the press. Did i ever get a surprise when i looked outside! Snow! Snow in North Carolina!

So much snow that there wouldn't be school! Snow so much that when Rob called in there wouldn't be any work for him either! Another day of rest! Together!

first things first! Get out in that wonderful snow and play! First things first! i was half dressed when Rob thought of the handcuffs! He got them and put them on me, hands in front. Then he pushed me out of the door while he got ready to go out himself!

Lemme in! Lemme in! There i was, six o'clock in the morning, snow everywhere, snow falling on me, handcuffed, and wearing a snow cap, mittins, a scarf, a white turtle-neck sweater, my booties, and my panties! i was bursting with... sensation, with joy, with cold! Giggle

i beat on the door playfully and called for him to let me back in. He locked the door and went to a window to watch me and tease me.

A car could have pulled into the yard and they would have seen me like that. i listened and i heard the quiet that comes when show fall. It was glorious - so wonderfully glorious! i deserted the door and ran out into the yard and cavorted like a kid! i was half freezing but i did not care. Giggles greeted Rob as he emerged from the house and joined in the merry-making. He opened his coat and welcomed me inside. i snuggled against him and we played for just a few seconds before we went inside the house and tried not to get rug burns.

Snow in North Carolina - a weather report from Rob and shevette!