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Me? Me - tied-up in the woods

A comparison of me and this flower...
Hi! It's me, shevette, and this will make sense by the time i'm done.

Spring in NC
First the computer died (for a bit), so i had some time on my hands. Then the weather turned nice.
Think dogwoods blooming...

i don't really consider myself to be flower-like...

i used to be a real tom-boy!

i still prefer the company of guys, but that's a whole other story. giggle

i like handcuffs, the outdoors, jeans and tennies. Oh! And guys! Put them all together with a nice pre-spring day, and you get -
what happened!

Of course!

A weather report in NC.

It was a glorious day, and i have to admit that even before it got warm Rob and I were out the door in the back yard taking advantage of the break from all the cold wet days of winter. We got things kinda caught up and had time to play, so we got the new handcuffs and some of our bondage gear and then headed for the woods behind the house.

Rob had gotten me some brand new handcuffs for Valentines day (of course that wasn't all that he got for me), and we had been breaking them in. It seems only fair that they should get the same amount of wear as the rest of them, right?

We don't have woods forever, but there's plenty enough to just about get lost in. We went far enough back in them where we both felt pretty safe and got out the new handcuffs. Rob handcuffed my hands behind me, then he kissed me again and again. i was in seventh heaven and while we could have gotten on the ground and done the deed right then and there, we both know that it's better to wait and play. We love to play!

We decided to pretend that i was some American girl who had been abd*cted and taken to south America to be sold to some Colombian drug lord. Rob was the guy to deliver me through the dense jungle to the drug lord's hidden palace where money would be exchanged and i would spend my days as a love slave.

This opens up lots of possible scenarios. i could be the brat and fight the whole way, or i could be pliant, or pliant with thoughts of charming the guide into letting me go, or i could be the fragile flower in the woods.

If you think i was playing the fragile flower,
go to the back of the room.
i was trying to seduce the guide into keeping me
and letting the drug lord rot.

Where'd he go? What's that noise? We got to a clearing, and Rob tied my legs and feet so he could scout ahead...

Normally i giggle like crazy when we do one of these scenes, but i had gotten into my role pretty good and i was feeling the sensation of being the abd*cted American girl who was doing my best to seduce the guide into running off with me.

Being tied up outdoors is always kinda scary. Being left in the woods alone tied hand and foot is very scary!

It got quiet after Rob made his way through the brush far enough that i couldn't hear the slightest noise from him. We have done this many times before, and it's always a little bit scary. He'll sneak his way back and watch me. If i'm just waiting, then he'll wait too, until he sees me either struggle to get loose, or if he sees me about to actually free myself, he'll pop out of the woods. i guarantee that no matter how many times we play this, i will always be very grateful to see him, always!

What i'm describing is... well, i don't want to say commonplace or done to death, because it's not. Very little that is done in bondage (if anything) can be described as trivial or every-day. i just want you to be aware that we have done this before. It's always new, always fresh, and usually fun. It can always be fun, but only if there is a little itty bitty chance that it isn't going to be fun. Sometimes we do things on purpose to point out that this or that could go wrong. It keeps us sharp - and grateful that everything worked out well.

This particular time something happened that neither of us planned on...

To me, of the things that could go wrong, besides one of us getting hurt,
the worst is the fear of getting caught - and that's what happened this time...

Notice the flush and be they tears?
He popped out of the woods almost right next to me. He had a gun, and i thought Rob had planned ahead and done a quick "wardrobe change". i was all set to laugh and tell him that this time he had scared me good, but before i could speak i saw the man's face, and it was not Rob!

The man looked up and saw me for the first time,
and it was plain to see that he was as startled as me.

E m o t i o n s ! ! !

They say when you die your whole life flashes before your eyes.
i didn't have that happen, but i wasn't far from it!
i was startled, then i was scared, and when i thought of the gun i was even more scared!
i wanted to try to get loose, to run, but i could barely breathe.
My heart pounded in my chest, and i thought i could have died.

i was also defiant! This was our land and we had a right to be here! So what if i was tied up?
That didn't give him the right to barge in on our games!

That was the first zillionth of a second.
Actually quite a few seconds passed before the man recovered his composure,
then he sounded calm. "Oh! Excuse me, Miss. Are you all right?"
Like he ran into women tied up in the woods all the time!

You've heard people say they gulped when something really unexpected happened.
Have you ever wondered why? It's probably happened to you.
Do you remember exactly why you gulped?
i can remember this time
i was trying to swallow my heart back down to where it belonged!

"Y-yesss..." i managed to stammer.  

My knees were shaking. Heck, i was shaking all over!

Actually i did a lot better than i ever thought i would. i sensed that this situation was like being tied up in front of someone who has seen this sort of thing before. No, i'm not saying this guy was into bondage - more like he was aware that such a thing existed, and he was okay with it. i began to relax almost immediately. Sorta.

i tried to free my hands but couldn't.
Actually that felt not so good!
A thrill ran through my body. No one to rescue me.
Maybe that's where the thrill came from.

If Rob had been near enough to see what had happened,
he would have been tearing down trees to get to me!

No doubt about it, i was in deep ka-ka!
Not as deep as it could have been,
the man seemed all right, non-pulsed even.
...of course he did have a gun...
My knees still shook.
It was time for him to go. i wanted to.
How could he leave me tied up? Handcuffed even!
i didn't want him to touch me, but...
i wanted Rob to come. It was still a heart pounding moment!
"Will you be all right?"

"..Or do you need help?"

i stammered for words.

Time to be in the arms of the man i love!

What was i to do? Not that it mattered, i mean i was tied up enough not to be able to do all that much anyway. i could ask the man to go, at the risk of offending him. That didn't seem to be a great idea considering the fact that he had a rifle in his hands and a pistol in his belt and a knife strapped to his leg.

The man wasn't some dork spaz who was out to kill me or something. He was in his late forties with a touch of gray in his hair. He wore glasses, and his face showed many laugh lines. In a way he reminded me of my own dad.

Sure, it was embarrassing to have to stand there tied up in front of him. Of course i wanted him to just go away, but the idea of him staying with me until Rob made his reappearance wasn't too unbearable to imagine. i actually felt safe, for some reason. (?)


"You are [my real-life name], aren't you?" he asked.

My heart tried to jump out of my mouth again!

"My name is [name maimed to Ed]. i live near you," he told me as i tried to gulp my heart back down again.

That was it! i was busted! Someone knew me in real life and had caught me with my knickers down, so to speak.

"Yes, i am." i admitted. Actually it felt kinda good to finally admit to who i am. "Please, call me shevette."

This was turning into such a friendly greeting that he almost actually started to extend his hand to me to shake. He pulled it back hastily.

"Are you OK? I mean your boyfriend hasn't left you out here like this has he? shevette?"

"No, Ed, i'm sure he is out there trying his best to sneak back up on me. It's OK. Thank you."

"Well all right, I guess I should just leave you two to your games, if you are sure everything is all right."

"Well actually, Ed, i'd like it if you'd be kind enough to wait until he gets back. You've caught me in a very compromising condition, and you seem to know who i am. i'd like to know who you are, if you understand what i mean, please."

Ed laughed and said, "Sure, you want to know who I am so you don't have to wonder when and where I'll show up again..."

There was a noise in the brush and Rob emerged shouting for Ed to get away from me. i smiled. Rob was in full 'protector mode' and wasn't going to be denied, guns or no guns!

Ed smiled and put his hands up enough to show that he was not harming me. Before things could go awry i shouted to Rob that everything was all right.

Rob approached warily. "I could believe that a lot easier if you'd put that rifle on the ground, old man!" he menaced.

"OK, OK young man, nothing to get in a flurry about!" Ed told Rob in an even tone. He did put his gun down, and Rob came up so that he stood between me and Ed.

"What are you doing out here?" Rob accused.

"It's OK. You're [Rob's real name], aren't you. I know your dad, [Rob's dad's name]. He and I and old [someone else's name] used to run together. I knew you were living this way down in [description of where Rob's home is]. I've been seeing you kids out in these woods playing games before. Never walked up on you or your lady before. Sorry. Didn't mean to this time."

"What!" i got out of my mouth.

"Well, what are you doing here?" Rob wanted to know. His tone had softened because he knew of the man, but he was still the aggressor in this conversation.

"Just practicing hunting." Ed said as he winked. "Squirrels."

Rob shoulders relaxed a bit. i don't know if squirrels are supposed to be in season or not. i hate deer season! Hunters don't need to be so close to where people live, especially Rob and me.

"You've seen us doing this before?" Rob wanted to know. "What do you plan to do about it?"

"Don't worry none, [Rob's real name]. I know it's just a game for you two. When I've seen you two I've just gone about my own business."

"Thank you, Ed. It's not the sort of thing that a man wants to get around."

Ed laughed. "Not to worry. I figure what's right for the two of you is your own business. If she didn't like it, she would have run off a long time ago, I imagine. I hear she's got a head of her own." Ed turned to me with his last remark, and i could see respect in his eyes. i smiled back.

This is the country here. Folks stick to their own, and of course, there are those 'old heads' who seem to know everyone and a little about them too. They watch the world, interact with it, and are usually harmless in that way. If my hands weren't handcuffed behind me i would have hugged that man!

Ed did his level best to assure Rob and me that we could continue to play our 'games' and he would not watch, interfere, or talk of it to anyone. He was so adamant about us being sure who he was and where he lived that he even gave Rob an old out of date hunting license with his name, address and phone number on it.

By the time we parted company we had the whole run down on who Ed was, including how many squirrels he had bagged the last ten years. i felt confident enough that when Ed did leave that i pleaded with Rob to leave my hands handcuffed behind me as we walked back home.

Since then i have talked to Ed on the phone, and he has even come by the house to visit with us. He's a nice man and not a threat in any way. We were lucky this time - and we will be more careful in the future.

Will we go in the woods behind the house again? Rob says "No!" but i know better, besides i have already gotten Ed to agree to warn us whenever he sees someone go back there. i guess all we need is a hunter's license so we'll know for sure when deer is in season, and squirrel, and, of course, me! giggle

i hope you enjoyed this...

Am i recommending you try it? No, even though laws vary from state to state. Objects in your rear view are closer than they appear. Wear at own risk on wrists. Contents may settle during toting.

Oh! i almost forgot the flower! Rob saw this picture and said it reminded him of me on that day. i was that red in the face, and i was sweating so much that it looked like dew on me. Yeah, he's a real romantic! giggle

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