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A good friend of mine recently related an S&M scene and it's gotten me to thinking... i've never done that. So when it comes to S&M i am a newbie. Will i do it? i dunno, you tell me...

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shevette the newbie!

shevette the newbie!

shevette the newbie!

shevette the newbie!

shevette the newbie!

shevette the newbie!

shevette the newbie!

Should i do this? This time the tables are turned on me. i want to try just a tad of S&M, but i'm worried if i should or not. This is not a page to show to someone new to bondage, but it should be good for someone who has done it for awhile, knows thier way around and wants to elevate thier partner to a higher level or just get thier partner to try bondage for the first time.

Right now i'm ify on this whole thing. One side of me wants to try S&M and another side is shocked at the idea. i think what i am going through is a lot like somebody would be like if asked to get tied up for the very first time, someone who has never even considered it before.


The pluses:

  • i trust Rob 100%
  • Will Rob like it?
  • i want to see if i'm missing anything
  • i'm curious if this is going to relate to this desire of mine to somehow be a complete slave (sometimes)
  • What we have been doing with bondage has been great, will this be even better?
  • Will we get even closer?
  • i trust Rob 100% i do love to get tied up...

The minuses

  Love me Rob...
  • Do i trust myself?
  • Will i feel good about myself afterwards?
  • How will Rob feel about me?
  • If i am the slave that i think i am, will i change?
  • What if we decide to not do the things we have been doing?
  • Will Rob and i not be as close as we are now?
  • Will i embarass myself - or Rob? i do love to get tied up...

Ready! i don't want to disappoint Rob
      ..i love you!
How will my friends look at me if i do this?
How would Sir Darke feel about me doing this?
How about the guests i've had? i have enjoyed the fun that my friends and i have had...
Sirs Dan, Elo, and Biff? Would they undersatnd?
Admitedly, i've been a bad girl on the net, but i've always been innocent - to a degree...

i don't want people to look down on me...
You know what i mean...
Would i be embarassed even in front of Rex?
i want to be a good girl...

How would Sir react? How about sweetties? What would Teri do?
Gag me please They would probably act like friends. Why do i want the stigma stop me? Isn't that the thing that keeps people away from bondage? i am my own person and i want to find out what this S&M stuff is - without someone telling me that it's bad before i even begin.
Touch me - let's try it hard!

i would rather do something wrong, than do nothing at all...

Drop me a line. i plan to do this soon, with Rob. Hopefully i can get some of my friends to give me advice on how to make what we'd probably call around here a tail-whuppin' into something good and full of love...

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