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What to do?!. shevette

talks about the Pearl Harbor of terrorism
Updated: 9/16/2001

On the day after the beginning of the attack i wrote to Sir Red with something that i hoped would be posted. i didn't know what to say then and i still don't, but i needed to write this because i'm a little calmer now.

i still don't know what to do, but i realize that thumbing our noses at the terrorists isn't exactly the best way to go so maybe that's a start. i felt like it was really important to say something, i guess you could say that in a lot of ways i am reactionary. That is, when something happens to me i do something - right away.

In a crisis i am usually the first to react, to do something. The house catches fire and i'm the first one to shout, "Fire! Run for it!" Unfortunately i am not the one to come up with the best way out.

Depending on what's happening i may be a good person to listen to or maybe not. If the United States comes under attack wait a few days and see if i have anything worthwhile to say then...

A lot of people are hurt and confused right now and angry and frustrated and in denial and... name it!

One of the first reactions

The thing is we aren't in a position to ponder for long on any one aspect of what's happened. We have the people who died to mourn for. That's a pretty important thing, but we also have the people who are in the rubble of the World Trade Center or the Pentagon that may still be alive that we need to rescue. We have the threat of new attacks, some degree of loss of being able to function economically and militarily. We have a lot happening at once.

The two things i want to talk about are getting out what you, the individual, feels and what we do next.

Now i prefaced this by admitting that i may not be the best person in the world to write about this - in fact i seriously plan to badger Sir Red to get his thoughts posted, because he usually hits the nail on the head (Masters - true Masters have a tendency to be able to do that.) i'm going to also encourage each and every one of you out there to write down your feelings too.

i'm not saying that this site should turn political or become a human relations site and all that we should post is stuff about the crisis we find ourselves in. No, this is a bondage site. There are lots of sites out there better equipped to provide information, help, or whatever else is needed.

To me this site is home, even though it's not mine (and that makes it seem even more like home to me!)
[You are the heart and soul of this website, shevette. Thank you for calling it home. -- Red]
so i do want it to reflect more about bondage than just ropes and chains and like that. We are bondage people, normal everyday souls so i wanted to get out the word that the best way to deal with what's going on is to write it down so you can better sort through what you as a person are feeling. Ok? Please do that it helps! That's what i'm doing right now this very minute...

Now i want to talk about what we do next. While we are writing how we feel, it might be a good idea to describe what to do next. If we find ourselves writing something like, "Nuke 'em!" then that should be a warning that we are not being reasonable or not taking this exercise seriously enough.

While it's true that the United States was attacked on a broader sense something even more important was hit. i'm talking about Human Sanctity. i believe that on this earth it is people that are more important than gold, oil, or anything. Human rights stand paramount over the whole enchilada. If they kill us and we kill them then we have two black eyes instead of just one.

We need to be sure of who we accuse and punish.

How do you think
He's looking at what
we do?

i hope that the President will be righteous in our retribution. That is; i hope that when he decides to attack the people we go after are the right ones. Let us all pray that we have the wisdom to root out the people who are really responsible - and please let us just get those people alone.

President Bush is in the position of Master of the United States. Master of all the Masters who pledge allegiance to the United States, Master to all the subs who pledge allegiance to the United States. Please let him be Right and please let us all follow him... ..and if you believe in God, please let President Bush follow and respect the wishes of God.

i will do as i'm told
(by my heart, my
Master, my Country...) shevette

Will be quiet now...
Updated: 9/16/2001

As a sub it's not my intention or my place to spout off.

i realize that thumbing our noses at the terrorists isn't the way to go.
i am reactionary and as a good sub i must repress that.

i will repress myself, but i will express my feelings by writing them down.

If i come up with anything helpful i will try to gently state what i must,
and only that much... i will try...

i will do as i normally do to regain equilibrium in my life.

i will trust in our country and do what is required of me.

Let us pray,
i'll pray silently...

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